Stray Pit Bull Family Hide Under Abandoned House—But Watch How These Daring Rescuers Find Them!

June 4, 2018 11:03 am Last Updated: June 4, 2018 11:03 am

In Southern California, the Hope For Paws rescue organization commits countless hours to tracking down, rescuing, and rehabilitating animals that have been lost, abandoned, or mistreated.

While their work may take them to street corners and vacant lots, though, this valiant rescue mission under an abandoned home may have been one of the most rewarding of them all.

A call was made to the group after a pit bull was discovered with her newborn puppies hiding under an abandoned house.

While dogs often burrow and hide away when they go into labor, the site was filled with trash and had plenty of dangers to pose the new little pups—so Hope For Paws went out to get the stray family and bring them somewhere safe.

The mom was quick to venture out when she smelled the food they had brought, a scary sign she was starving in her risky hidey-hole.

Once she had been secured, though, getting the puppies out from under the building was another story. It took care, caution, and plenty of crawling under the floor to get into the small space and safely transfer all of the puppies up and into the sun.

Eventually, though, they were all safe and sound, and heading for a foster home secured by pit bull rescue organization Bullies and Buddies.

This is the kind of thankless work that deserves so much more praise. Though, certainly, seeing these adorable animals find a new happy life has its own rewards!

Source: ©Video Screenshot | Hope For Paws