Dog waiting for owner in car makes it clear it wants him to hurry up in the most hilarious way.

November 29, 2017 12:48 pm Last Updated: November 29, 2017 12:48 pm

It’s a given to never leave your dogs in the car when it’s hot out. But even when it’s not hot, you should think twice before leaving your dogs alone in your car.

A woman named Melissa was at a strip mall when she happened to see a man pull up with four dogs in his car.

“I told their human that they sure looked happy,” Melissa said. They must’ve been elated to actually go somewhere with their owner, rather than stay at home, wondering where he went off to.

Melissa wanted to get a photo of the dogs, and who could blame her? Seeing more than one dog all in the same place could be the highlight of anyone’s day.

But as she got her camera out, something unexpected happened.

(Melissa Bailey/Youtube)

One of the dogs, which looks to be of the Airdale Terrier breed, didn’t seem to want to wait for the owner to come back, so drastic measures were taken.

He immediately got into the front seat of the car, stood upright, and pressed on the wheel to honk!

(Melissa Bailey/Youtube)

“Apparently he wants his ‘papa’ to get out of the store!” Melissa yelled over the beeping. The video was about 40 seconds, and the beeping went on almost nonstop throughout the entirety of it.

The dog even turned around to make eye contact, making sure that Melissa and his owner knew exactly what he meant by his actions.

(Melissa Bailey/Youtube)

Melissa said it was a sunny November day, about 50 degrees outside, and the car windows were down a considerable amount. So it wasn’t a case where the dogs thought they were in danger. They just wanted the owner to hurry up!

(Melissa Bailey/Youtube)

Despite the fact that dogs have sensitive hearing, and how the horn was certainly loud, none of the dogs seemed phased by it. The only thing that mattered was getting their owner back to the car.

Melissa even said how a man walking by thought the honking was directed at him. Upon seeing the terrier, Melissa said “He thought it was a man in a dog costume.”

And who could blame him? Seeing a dog sit upright in the driver’s seat with paws on the wheel is not something you see every day.

When it comes down to it, this is just another example of a dog’s love for their owners. Even if it is in the most obnoxious and embarrassing way possible.

Watch the hilarious clip below: