They weren’t expecting visitors when the doorbell rang, but who bursts through the door—happiness

December 8, 2017 12:16 pm Last Updated: December 8, 2017 12:18 pm

As people grow older, they venture off into their own lives. Some people move out of their parents’ home and stay in the same city, and others begin families across the country or even in other parts of the world.

No matter how far one goes from home, the moment comes when one gets homesick. Leyla Fitzpatrick was missing home after being away from her grandparents, and decided to do something about it.

Fitzpatrick figured out the cure to her homesickness.

Why can't I ever get a pic of us all with our eyes (a)open (b)looking at the camera and (c)smiling? #igiveup 🙄 How does anyone do it???

Posted by Love from Leyla on Friday, November 3, 2017

Fitzpatrick and her husband Stephen, both 38, moved from England to Australia about two years ago and were missing family back in the UK, according to Caters News Agency. So they decided to cure their homesickness. The two packed up their things and their three kids—a 6-year-old and 4-year-old twins—and decided to fly across the world to visit Fitzpatrick’s grandparents.

The homesick-curing journey took 24 hours and cost $5,320 in US money. The trip was long and the prices were high, but the love for their family and the joy on her grandparents’ faces would be well worth it.

(Screenshot/ Love From Leyla)

The best part of the visit was that 79-year-old Sheila and 82-year-old Norman did not know their family were coming to visit. When their visitors arrived at their house, there was an endless sense of joy. Norman was so happy to see the visitors he smiled from ear to ear the entire moment and laughed. Sheila was not so calm with her excitement.

She appeared in the doorway to the room and the entire family yelled, “Surprise!”

(Screenshot/ Love From Leyla)
(Screenshot/ Love From Leyla)

Sheila could not hold in her joy. With a huge smile and a frozen stance, it was no surprise that she was more than happy to see her family.

She hugged and kissed her three grandchildren tightly.

The beautiful reunion was captured on video. Watch a clip below: