Homeless man offered a second chance at life—but the one condition, he couldn’t agree to it

"We're a family, we're all we got."
January 15, 2018 9:44 am Last Updated: January 15, 2018 9:44 am

When one Detroit homeless man’s father’s offered to help him get off the streets, it came just in the nick of time. As winter was approaching, the cold nights were dangerous for those living without shelter. Except there was one problem: to accept, he had to abandon the only thing in the world he loved.

Through their love for one another, Julian Terrance and his dog Max managed to survive living on the streets of Detroit.

Please share Terrance's story :'(This is Terrance & his pup Max. Max has been with Terrance since he was 4 weeks…

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Julian Terrance has had a recent run of bad luck. After he losing his house and job several years ago, he has been living on the streets of Detroit. But that all changed six months ago when he found Max, a stray, four-week-old puppy.

“I have been loving him ever since,” Terrance told Fox2 News.

The two instantly became friends and were inseparable; they slept on the streets together, ate together and looked out for one another. Terrance used to get scraps from churches just to feed his new baby.

The timing of their meeting was also fortuitous—Terrance had saved and nurtured Max as a puppy, but the little dog’s presence helped save Terrance during an incredibly difficult time.

“It helped me get over my son’s death,” Terrance told Fox2 News. “This is my dog; this is my baby. Anything he ever needed I always made sure he had it.  I go above and beyond the call of duty because I know he would do it for me.”

As winter drew ever closer, Terrance was confronted by an impossible choice.

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That was how Terrance spent the next six months, taking care of Max, while Max took care of him. They were a family and the two could not bear to be apart from one another.

However, that relationship was about to be put to the test. Sometime later, Terrance was given an incredible opportunity from his father: Terrance could live with him while he got back on his feet.

There was only one issue: Max was not welcome.

Compounding the problem was the elements. The Detroit winter is bitterly cold—and Terrance had a hard enough time bearing it. Little Max found it nearly impossible. Terrance feared the worst.

He was worried Max would freeze to death.

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Terrance was beside himself with worry. He was given an incredible chance by his father to regain his life, but he could never abandon Max.

“Neither of us asked to be here,” Terrance said according to Fox2 News. “He didn’t have anybody like I didn’t have anybody. He watched my back and I watched his back.”

And so, Terrance decided to remain on the streets to take care of the dog. But they could not go on like that forever. As the days and nights continued to grow colder, Terrance was aware of the real danger the elements posed. Unfortunately, without a place of his own, there was nothing he could do.

And that was when a miracle happened

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Thankfully, several weeks ago, Terrance’s luck turned.

Volunteers and staff from 313 K9 and Kitty Rescue saw the pair walking down the street. They had been on their way back from picking up another dog when they noticed the pair.

“It just didn’t feel right,” said Jennesse Grayswain told Fox2 News. “So I stopped at the gas station and turned around just to check on him.”

Grayswain noticed Max didn’t have a collar or leash and stopped to talk with Terrance about his situation. Terrance told them how he was homeless, about how he lost his son, and how Max had helped him deal with that loss. He then told them about his terrible situation—that he was being forced to either live on the street taking care of Max, or abandon him to live with his father.

As Terrance relayed his story, he was crying.

Grayswain was touched. On the spot, they decided they would help Terrance and Max stay together.

Terrance would get off the streets and he would not have to worry about losing Max.

We met up with Terrance so Max could visit with him & we brought along FOX 2 to cover their story!Please watch FOX 2…

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“We worked out a plan with Terrance,” 313 K9 and Kitty Rescue wrote in a Facebook post. “We will keep Max in our foster program for 6–8 weeks. During that time, Terrance will stay with his dad & get more hours at work (now that he doesn’t have to worry about Max).”

Not only that, but they would give Max free medical treatment and return him to Terrance free of charge, too.

Terrance was beside himself with joy. Not only was he able to get a chance at retaking his life back, but he would not have to abandon Max, either.

And Terrance is already well on his way to getting a place of his own. He currently has a job and is working towards getting more hours. In the meantime, he makes frequent visits with his buddy and dreams of the day they can be reunited in their own place.

“I can’t help to imagine how lovely that’ll be,” Terrance told Fox2 News. “We’re a family, we’re all we got.”

If you’d like to donate towards reuniting Terrance and Max permanently, please go to their YouCaring page or Facebook post.

A dog and human reunion

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