Homeless man is asked to watch a stranger’s car for a social experiment. Then someone tries to steal the car.

"Is this your car?"
November 1, 2017 1:52 pm Last Updated: November 1, 2017 1:53 pm

Sometimes it’s easy to think the worst of people who may have been dealt a rough hand in life. But time and time again, people have found out that it’s clear you can’t assume someone’s character based on how they look.

KenPranksTV is a YouTube channel that has over 560,000 subscribers. Though the name of the channel may suggest that their content is primarily about pranking people in funny situations, they also have videos with social experiments showing the better side of human nature.

And this video is no different.

In the video, a man parks his car (a very nice one at that) on the street near a homeless person who is walking by. The man with the car, Dan, gets out and asks the homeless man to watch his car as Dan has to “use the restroom.” The homeless man, although perhaps slightly confused, agrees to do so, and Dan runs off.

A few minutes later, the homeless man is still watching the car, as depicted from a camera across the street, recording the entire encounter. Then, a “suspicious” man in a hoodie with a laptop, Ken, comes up to the car.

“Is that your car bro?” Ken asks. When the homeless man tells him that he’s only watching the car, Ken proceeds to “hack” into the car with his laptop. He asks the homeless man, “Do you want it?” as he opens the front door. Ken even suggests that they could sell the car and split the money after stealing it.

Despite all this, the man wasn’t having it.

As Ken acted as if he was going to drive away with it, the homeless man forcibly took him out of the driver’s seat, and refused to let him back in the car. “If you need the money so bad, why don’t you just get a job?” he told Ken.

Ken then tries to negotiate with him, saying that he wants the car because “things are rough.” The homeless man responds saying that isn’t a good answer, because “things are rough for everyone.” He even offered Ken his skateboard, just so that he could have an easier way to get around and avoid going to jail.

It was at this point that Ken saw enough.

He literally said to himself that he “couldn’t do this anymore,” having been so moved by the man’s actions. He then told the homeless man that the entire situation was a social experiment and even brought over Dan to prove it.

After talking more to the homeless man, they found out that he was saving up for a bike for better transportation. Ken then gave the man $200 for him to get that bike.

This just goes to show that even in times of struggle, good people can always find a way to do the right thing.

Watch the video below: