A group of seniors ask the sweetest thing to girls in their school’s special education class

October 10, 2017 3:54 pm Last Updated: October 10, 2017 5:49 pm

Despite constant negative reports about today’s teenagers, Dan Bowen, a high school English teacher knows there’s nothing negative about the students he teaches. In fact, he regularly sees them in a positive light.

In a Facebook post, Bowen described how a few of his “senior leadership students” came to him with an idea. The high school seniors wanted to know if it would be appropriate if they asked some of the girls in a special education class to Homecoming.

“They made it clear to me that, in their words, it ‘wasn’t out of pity’ that they would invite these girls,” Bowen wrote on Facebook. “They just wanted to ask a girl to Homecoming who may not have otherwise been asked.”

These young men wanted to make sure no one was left without a date to Homecoming.

According to Bowen, the teens wanted to make sure these students would have a date to the school’s Homecoming dance. And to prove their honorable intentions, they wanted their teacher to ask the girls’ teacher and their parents.

Both the teacher and the girls’ parents were excited about the idea, and the boys were given permission.

When the time came, the seniors walked into the girls’ class with homemade signs.

(Dan Bowen/Screenshot)

Bowen described the moment the high school seniors walked into the girls’ classroom and asked if they would be their dates as “pretty much the cutest thing ever,” and we couldn’t agree more!

A woman named Shannon Buran Passalacqua commented on the Facebook post: “They had a blast at the dance! The boys came to the homecoming party beforehand and then drove them to the dance. It was so awesome!”

Here’s hoping the rest of their year is just as memorable!