This teen’s family’s reaction to her getting accepted to college is so insane you’ll want to celebrate too

March 26, 2018 2:20 pm Last Updated: March 26, 2018 2:20 pm

It’s that time of the year when high school seniors start receiving their college acceptance letters.

Many will open their letters in front of their family and friends. Some will even record their reactions, but few will have as big of an audience as Jada Wiltz.

Jada Wiltz is a senior at TM Landry College Preparatory in Louisiana.

As has become the tradition for students at TM Landry College Preparatory, recently Ayrton Little’s video went viral for his college acceptance—Jada recorded the moment she was accepted into Wellesley College.

Before opening her notice, they said a prayer.

Prior to learning about her future, those who supported her bowed their heads for a brief prayer.

“Whatever happens today Lord, you have a greater plan, but we ask you as always Lord to guide us, to give us some good news, and allow us to move on to the big W, baby!”

Friends, family, classmates, and teachers gathered around Jada as she sat in front of a laptop.

The few seconds it took for Jada to load the news was agonizing, but the wait was worth it.

As soon as she and everyone else realized she got in the entire room went crazy.

And the congratulations didn’t stop there. Since uploading the video on Twitter on March 21st, the video has received over 900,000 views and hundreds of well-wishes from Wellesley College alumni.

Jada got in!

Jada, who didn’t start attending the prep school until her senior year, told the Boston Globe that her last year of high school had been “life-changing.”

“I started going there, and it really changed my perspective on education,” the 18-year-old said. “It made it more of an opportunity than an obligation.”

Jada would rather people be inspired by her opportunity than the number of video views.

Although receiving congratulatory messages from countless alumni and having your reaction to your college acceptance go viral is something cool to tell your friends, Jada wants others to look past that.

“I don’t want what I did to be the focal point,” she told the Boston Globe. “I want it to be encouragement and just more than me. I want it to reach other people that don’t have the confidence or courage to apply to colleges like Wellesley.”

Jada plans to study math with a concentration in biology at Wellesley College.

“You realize that people matter, and some things you just can’t do by yourself, and you need people,” she said. “And for me, my family, my TM Landry family, have been those supportive people.”