High School bullies prank a classmate with fake Homecoming queen nomination, but she gets the last laugh

August 31, 2017 12:56 am Last Updated: October 13, 2017 11:47 am


Lillian Skinner has a big heart. But in her senior year of high school, that heart became the target of cruel bullying by a group of classmates, who thought it would be “funny” to pretend she would be nominated for homecoming court.

It was a prank that has been done before at other high schools across America, except this one ended in a pretty awesome victory for the bullied teen and two of her friends.

The Cruel Act Against A Classmate

Some of the pranksters told Lillian that she was going to get nominated, which normally would be a wonderful thing. But the motivation behind the nomination was intended as a cruel, publicly humiliating joke. They told Lillian mockingly that it was a “huge honor.”

But that’s when something beautiful happened, or rather, five beautiful “someone’s.” One of those five was Lillian, who just kept being herself with her infectious smile and gentle manner.

The Fab 5 – Number 1

At first, Lillian was genuinely excited and wholeheartedly thought the nomination was real. However, when the nominations were announced, Lillian didn’t see her name, and the bullies’ true intent was revealed. She had been tricked and she knew it.

Although Lillian was confused and hurt, she said she couldn’t be mad at the bullies who had tricked her. Enter beautiful person number two: Lillian’s mom.

The Fab 5 – Number 2

Lillian’s mother raised her daughter to always look at people’s hearts who try to judge, bully, or otherwise do harm to you. Instead of becoming angry at what a person shows on the surface, as hard as it may be, try to understand someone by their true intentions.  

As all good moms know, this is a simple part of raising little kids to become happy and healthy bigger kids!

The Fab 5 – Number 3 & 4

Lillian shared the news with her two best friends, who were also nominated for homecoming court (but not as a prank). When Naomi Martinez and Anahi Alvarez heard about the trick, they decided to secretly help Lillian become the real Homecoming Queen.

Anahi and Naomi created a plan to stay in the race and teach the high school, and the world, a lesson. They each worked hard in their campaigns to make sure one of them would be crowned Homecoming Queen.

Meanwhile, Lillian and her friends did not respond with anger. They just treated the bullies like they treated everyone else—with kindness—and in the process, they made it clear that Lillian did not deserve any bullying or any such prank.

On the night of the announcement of king and queen, at a sold-out crowd Homecoming game, Anahi was awarded Homecoming Queen.

After being crowned, she did not hesitate. The stadium announcer spoke through the stadium’s PA system: “Anahi is honoring a very hard-working senior with her crown. We would like to announce Lillian Skinner, please step up and receive this honor.”

The Fab 5 – Number 5

When Ellen Degeneres first heard of the story she was completely impressed and inspired, and she invited the three seniors to appear on her show.

They all agreed and Ellen surprised them with the Homecoming Ceremony of all Homecoming Ceremonies. Dubbed the first ever “Ellen Homecoming,” Ellen crowned all three of the trio Homecoming Queens. Also, each student received a check for $10,000 to help with college book fees and tuition.

The Rest Of the “Fabs”

Everyone who supported these three girls, those who cheered during from the live audience during Ellen’s show, and the people at home listening to Lillian’s story on television, are also honorary “Fab” members.

We wish the best to the bullies who tried to pull this off, and we genuinely hope that this may have been enough to cause a change of heart and that nothing like this ever happens again.

Watch the Ellen video below:

Source: Bullies Nominated Teen For Homecoming Queen As A Joke, Then Ellen Plans Epic Revenge from Inspire More.