Hidden security cameras catch these teens approaching a homeless man — what happens next left authorities stunned

October 20, 2017 4:02 pm Last Updated: October 23, 2017 9:13 am

Living out on the streets leaves homeless people susceptible to many dangers. There’s always a chance of being harassed or abused by locals, and in the winter months the weather conditions can be deadly.

Cities have gone to great lengths to monitor everyone’s safety. For instance, the city of Nysa, Poland has CCTV security cameras set up on many of its streets.

Last December, when footage caught three teens approaching a homeless man late one night, officials may have assumed they were up to no good.

But instead, they were stunned by what they saw.

The teens brought a homeless man a quilt to protect him from the cold.


According to a translation of the Polish news site TVN24, the boys had met the homeless man earlier that evening. He had been sleeping on a public bench.

As they talked to the man, he asked them for a favor—to find him some blankets to help keep him warm.

They agreed to help.

The boys looked around the city trying to find blankets for the man, but couldn’t find anything.

But then, miraculously, they discovered someone bringing their couch to the curb—which had a free pillow and quilt on it.

They checked that the items were clean, and then they headed back to the homeless man’s bench.


They found the man, who was incredibly grateful for the boys’ help—but instead of just dropping off the quilt and pillow, they went even further with their kindness.

They set up the quilt and tucked the homeless man in.

The homeless man reportedly hugged and thanked the teens.

“He smiled and went to sleep,” Szymon told TVN24.


Having done their good deed for the night, the boys walk away, not expecting any further gratitude or anything in return.

Little did they know, that wasn’t the end of it.


After the good deed was caught on the hidden security cameras, the guards noticed and decided to publish it.

“We want to show not only nasty and criminal situations,” one official told TNV24. “We have the intention to show different aspects of life, which residents do not always see.”

Many people were inspired by the story—but it caught the attention of someone particularly important: Kordian Kolbiarz, the mayor of Nysa.

Kolbiarz was so moved by the story that he tracked the boys down and invited them to his office.

“That’s a big gesture. I bow to you,” he told them, according to TNV24. “The world needs such gestures.”

In addition to thanks, the boys all received smartwatches as gifts.

But through it all, the boys remained humble—to them, it was perfectly ordinary to help someone in need.

“I am convinced that it was worth doing,” Szymon added. “If someone asks for help, [you] should give him a hand.”

Watch the CCTV footage below: