New nanny with family for only two weeks when their worst nightmare unfolded

September 6, 2017 1:42 pm Last Updated: December 10, 2017 8:32 am

No parent expects harm to come your child’s way in your own backyard, especially when they’re under the supervision and care of a loving professional. However, for the Melichars and their nanny, one ordinary day on the deck suddenly turned into every parent’s worst nightmare.

Sharon Molloy had only been working as a nanny for the family for two weeks. That day, she was supervising 3-year-old Jackson and 8-year-old Tommy, who were playing on the back porch, when suddenly the neighbor’s two big black dogs ran onto their property.

Molloy went to shoo the dogs away, but when little Jack started running, one of the dogs went after him and attacked the small toddler.

Molloy quickly ran to Jack’s rescue, but that’s when the other, bigger dog viciously attacked the nanny and dragged her all the way to the outside of a neighbor’s deck, while she protected Jackson with her own body the whole time.

When neighbors heard the attack, one of them grabbed a rake to fight off the dogs and another used a hose. Still, the Briard breed, large dogs were relentless.

“This was a pretty savage dog attack.”

When firefighters arrived at the scene, they were both horrified and touched by Molloy’s courage and commitment to protecting the child.

“This was a pretty savage dog attack,” said Lt. Lisa Pine of the Genesee, Colorado Fire Department told CBS4. “I think she was absolutely a hero. Everything, every indication, and the state of the scene when we got there…she saved his life.”

Molloy suffered nasty gashes down to the bone in both her arm and leg, while Jackson’s injuries got him 36 stitches on his left leg.

The Surgeon, sheriff, and many others told Amy Malichar that her son was lucky to be alive, and that their nanny had saved his life.

“She’s our hero. She saved our kid’s life. We owe her a debt that we can’t repay,” said Jackson’s dad.

Molloy had only been hired two weeks ago by the Melichars, but they never expected her to protect and “fight to the death” for their child, to which Molloy humbly told CBS4 she was simply doing her job and “any other babysitter would do the exact same thing.”

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