Here’s what your finger length says about you

August 6, 2017 1:31 pm Last Updated: August 6, 2017 1:31 pm

According to recent studies, the length of this one finger might hold answers to your personality.

Hold your hand out, and put your fingers together.

Look at the ring finger—is it longer or shorter than your index finger? Or is it about the same?

If your ring finger is longer…

If your ring finger is longer than you index finger, you’re charming, confident, and flirtatious. You’re more outgoing and aggressive, and generally pretty strong.

You also probably have high spatial intelligence and can mentally shift shapes around accurately, excelling at brain teasers and puzzles.

If your index finger is longer…

If your ring finger is shorter than your index finger you’re opinionated and passionate and love being the center of attention. You can be sensitive and caring too, but can be stubborn in your needs and relentless in pursuing them.

If they’re the same…

If your ring finger and index finger are about the same length, you are more willing to compromise, listen to others, and compliment others.

You probably have a great memory, but might also be a worrier because of it. These people are more likely to be married and monogamous.

The science says…

The study found that the length of one’s ring finger correlates to the amount of exposure to testosterone, luteinzing hormone, and oestrogen we got while in the womb.

According to report author Johannes Honekopp, a senior psychology lecturer at Northumbria University in England, “testosterone exposure very early in life has permanent effects on adult behavior.”

Other researchers built on top of Honekopp’s work, and found patterns between personality traits and amount of testosterone.

What do you think? Was this accurate for you?