Her commute was 6 hours every day and nobody knew. When coworkers find out, they have a big surprise for her

October 27, 2017 1:35 pm Last Updated: October 27, 2017 1:35 pm

It’s easier to keep our struggles to ourselves, we often think, so we don’t become a burden to others. Unfortunately, that’s what many people tell themselves during times of hardship.

And these are often the same people who would selflessly help anyone else upon learning that they were having a similar struggle. Linda Walton was one of those people.

That’s one whopper of a commute!

Linda had a secret that she was hiding from her coworkers. She works for a cleaning company in Memphis Tennessee, and every single morning she wakes up at 5:00am and walks an hour to get to—not work—but a bus stop.

Then, she had an additional two-hour bus ride to work! After work, it was the same situation. That’s a six-hour commute that she shared with no one.

Linda didn’t want to burden her co-workers with her struggles.


“I get up a few hours early just to be on time,” Linda said to CBS News. “It’s just the last few years I’ve been going through a struggle.”

Linda was very private about her circumstances. She knew or hoped, that things would turn around for her eventually. She never complained. But her secret would not stay unknown.

Her secret was revealed.


One day, a co-worker offered to give her a ride home, and Linda took her up on the offer.

And that’s how her secret was revealed. The next day, that co-worker told the owner of the cleaning company. Soon, everyone had heard about it, and they all agreed they wanted to help.

She had a new car AND a new family.

The group pooled their money together, and they surprised Linda with her own car—a 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix.

“It’s a cute little thing,” Linda said, in tears. “It’s mine!”

Her co-workers even pitched in for a full tank of gas, new tires, and insurance. “You’re good to go,” said one of the contributors. “People will see you in that car on Monday morning!”

Linda was very appreciative of her coworker’s generosity. And even though she has no close family and had recently lost her mother, she says her coworkers are her family now.

Source: Coworkers surprise woman with car from The Today Show on Twitter.