Her abusive boyfriend called her a ‘fat piece of garbage,’ but then she found health and happiness

September 7, 2017 3:58 pm Last Updated: September 7, 2017 3:58 pm


We live in a world that is, unfortunately, fairly superficial. For those who are overweight, it can even be rather cruel. One woman, in particular, experienced that firsthand. At her heaviest, she weighed over 270 pounds, and her boyfriend regularly abused her for it, even going so far as to call her a “fat piece of garbage.”

But she was able to break the cycle of depression and isolation and had the courage to make a major change in her life, and because of it she lost over 100lbs. When her ex-boyfriend found out, he tried to get her back, but her response was epic.

She was called an “ugly, fat piece of garbage.”


Pennsylvania woman Alvina Rayne was not always obese. Before her abusive relationship with her now ex-boyfriend, she was both thin and healthy. However, as their relationship continued and the abuse got worse and worse, Rayne began turning to food to comfort herself.

It got so bad that the 32-year-old mother of two was eating 5,000 calories a day, which brought her to a peak weight of 274 pounds at 5 feet 7 inches.

“I had more men’s clothing than women’s, I would wear my ex’s clothes or buy men’s t-shirts and sweatpants,” Rayne said according to the Daily Mail.

She was eating from dawn until dusk. Generally, her diet included: two bowls of sugary cereals for breakfast, sandwiches as snacks, Taco Bell chalupas or Burger King cheeseburgers for lunch, more Taco Bell or fried chicken for dinner, and then ice cream for dessert.

But the food did not console her. Instead, it only cemented her depression. When she was unhappy, she would eat, and by eating and gaining more weight her boyfriend continued pile on the verbal abuse.

Living with her abuser for years drove Rayne into a deep depression that forced her onto anti-depressants and into isolation.


It could not go on much longer. Not only was the abuse too much to take, but her health was being put at risk. Rayne was so obese that she became out of breath by climbing only a single flight of stairs.

There had to be a change. And one day in 2009, she gathered the courage to make it happen.

“After years of putting up with the abuse and being isolated from everyone by him, something had to change and it got to a point where I finally told him to get out of my life, forever,” Rayne said according to the Daily Mail.

But her abuser was not willing to let her go without a parting salvo of abuse.


“I remember my ex telling me that if I left him ‘no one would want me’ and that I was ‘worthless, ugly and would never lose the weight even if I tried,’” Rayne said according to the Daily Mail.

But his words could not hurt her anymore. Instead, they only pushed her towards her goal even harder.

“Whenever I was struggling, I would remember him telling me ‘no one will want you’ which made me even more determined to prove him wrong,” Rayne said according to the Daily Mail.

But she also had two children to worry about. And the drive to be a better role model for them also pushed her to lose more and more weight.

She went on a low-carb, ‘keto’ diet and also began a rigorous exercise routine.


After years of work, she lost around 140 pounds. Rayne is now at a healthy weight and feeling more and more confident. More importantly, her health issues stemming from her obesity are largely gone.

“When I was severely overweight I had very high blood pressure, the beginnings of type 2 diabetes, polycystic ovary syndrome, left ventricular hypertrophy, severe anxiety & panic attacks,” Rayne said according to the Daily Mail. “Now they are all gone after nearly 7 years of keto which makes me feel great.”

Her abusive ex-boyfriend even made contact with her one day to try and get back together. Her response: an emphatic no way!

(YouTube/Screenshot) Rayne, and her husband.

“There’s no way that would ever happen, I’m happier than I’ve ever been in my life and don’t want anything to do with him ever again,” Rayne said according to the Daily Mail. “Now I’m happily married to a man who treats me like gold and loves me.”

With a little determination, anyone can turn their life around, and that is the message Rayne is hoping to prove to people.

“I want others to know that they can start their life completely over, you don’t have to stay where you are, it’s so powerful to realize that you are in control of your body and life,” Rayne said according to the Daily Mail.

Rayne’s example is an inspiration to us all. Her weight loss was fantastic, but the courage she had to commit to that weight loss was even more incredible. Even in this superficial world, that is a message that everyone can get behind.

Watch her incredible weight-loss story below: