After boy walks in, owner thinks he is begging for money but what he asks makes their jaws drop

July 21, 2017 11:47 am Last Updated: October 7, 2017 5:04 pm


Last Friday, insurance provider AXA Philippine’s employee Chirszel Singco Vicente heard a knock at her office door. In poked the head of a young boy in a school uniform. Tentatively, he asked if they needed any help around the office doing odd jobs.

Vicente was used to people asking for help, but Kervey was different.


For Vicente, this legitimately was something new. The Republic of the Philippines is still a developing country, and so she is used to people approaching the office to beg for help. No one had ever offered to work, though.

Intrigued, the denizens of the office asked the boy to come inside and sit down for an interview.

The boy was 5th-grader Kervey James Villarejo, from Jose Catolico Sr. Elementary School. He was the oldest of four siblings, and his mother was now living with his step-father and had no ability to support him. But Kervey needed money for a school project, so he was hoping to work odd jobs around the office so he could buy materials.

Kervey wanted to raise money for a school project—his mother was unable to provide for him, so he took matters into his own hands.

“As a single mom, it’s painful,” wrote Vicente according to When In Manila. “I feel sorry for Kervy. But his family is lucky, Kervy is hardworking and has a dream.”

Touched by his plight, the group concluded the interview with a final question: what did Kervey want to be when he grew up?

Kervey, Vicente wrote in a Facebook post translated by When in Manila, answered that he wanted to be a pilot.

Unfortunately, Kervey did not get the job.

He did not get the job, but his determination has inspired others to help him.


Instead, the staff at the office decided to donate money to Kervey on the condition that he would return when his project was completed and show it to them.

That was not all, Vicente then posted Kervey’s story onto Facebook where it quickly went viral. Soon, she was inundated with offers to help the young boy.

She also took him under her wing, and treated him as her own child. For instance, she took him to a fast food restaurant, a first for the young boy.

Vicente really stepped up and did a great job for this young boy. But the real hero is little Kervey. Despite being in a difficult situation, he never gave up, and though he did not get the job in the end, his commitment to hard work has won our hearts.

Watch the full story, in Tagalog, below: