Guy gets on train to ‘spread happiness’—the reaction he gets is the best

December 12, 2017 11:36 am Last Updated: December 12, 2017 12:59 pm

If you go on any subway or train nowadays, it’s like you’re a ghost; people won’t talk to you nor look at you because everyone wants to keep to themselves. People are physically close, but could not be more far apart mentally.

And Peter Sharp from Australia sees a problem with that.

(The Liberators International / Screenshot)

Sharp is a public speaker and social artist who has numerous videos inspiring strangers to come together.

His goal, according to his website, is “engaging communities and organizations in playful activities that empower people to share acts of love and kindness with one another.”

He just wants people to be able to brighten up each other’s day; that’s not too much to ask, right?

Sharp has numerous videos supporting his cause, including a TED talk he did earlier this year about inspiring people to be kind to one another.

Many of his videos are meant to be funny, but this 2014 video on a train may be his most ridiculous. And it was all for the cause of happiness.

The video starts out showing a train. All passengers are keeping to themselves, either on their phone, or just not socializing in general.

(The Liberators International / Screenshot)

We then see Sharp in a suit, with a boombox next to him, and he cuts right to the chase.

(The Liberators International / Screenshot)

“I don’t want money, I just want to spread a little happiness,” he told the passengers.

Sharp was stressing that everyone has their own story, but there is some effort involved when it comes to breaking the ice when talking to strangers. What he would do next would help break that ice.

Sharp then put on some music, and started dancing.

(The Liberators International / Screenshot)

Without hesitation, the dancing had commenced. He put on James Brown’s “I Feel Good,” a song that anyone can dance to, and he encouraged others to either clap along or dance with him.

The passengers seemed delighted that he was putting on this show, but no one got up immediately.

(The Liberators International / Screenshot)

But it wasn’t long before people started dancing with him!

(The Liberators International / Screenshot)

Sharp kept inviting people to dance, telling them to come “get their groove on.”

And that’s exactly what they did. Even people that were just boarding the train joined in!

(The Liberators International / Screenshot)

At one point, Sharp had nearly everyone dancing; his plan worked!

Sharp handed out high-fives as he was dancing with his fellow passengers. A quiet train with everyone on their phones had turned into an Australian club, all thanks to Sharp.

This is just one example of one person making everyone’s day better. It shows that it really doesn’t take much to get to know a stranger.

And as Sharp said at the end, “If we can start a party, what’s stopping you from starting a conversation?”

Watch the train party here: