Woman was at work when she had intense gut feeling to rush home—what she found, she dials 911

September 5, 2017 4:42 pm Last Updated: January 20, 2018 5:47 pm


It was just like any other Monday morning at work for Nicole Mayhew, except she suddenly had a strange thought that she needed to leave early.

“I just had this feeling come over me that I need to go home and check on my husband,” she said, according to ABC News.

The Saratoga Springs woman followed that hunch and rushed home, and when she get there she saw something that made her dial 911 immediately.

Her husband was lying underneath the family’s SUV, trapped underneath the vehicle for an hour and half, praying that his wife would come home and save him.

“I was on my side reaching for a wrench when the car started to come down. I couldn’t move at all.”

43-year-old Scott Mayhew had been working on his car when the car slipped off the jack and crushed him. He could do nothing except hope someone would find him.

“I knew that if I just hung on long enough that my prayers would be answered and she would be able to come home.”

That wish somehow reached his wife, whose intuition was strong enough to make her go home. The mother of three was horrified when she saw her husband, who already had 6 broken ribs and internal injuries, underneath the car, but she heard him faintly whisper “help me love.”

Nicole says she and a neighbor got the SUV off her husbands chest.

Paramedic Chad Pate says Scott is “extremely lucky,” and that if his wife hadn’t come home when she did, the man may not have survived.

“He could have lost his life had he been under the car much longer than that,” Pate said.

Scott says he is extremely grateful to have Nicole by his side.

“She is such a strong woman…I’m very lucky to have her.”

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