Guide dog leads owner into mall—once you see what store he takes her to—you know he’s being sneaky

May 1, 2018 4:16 pm Last Updated: May 1, 2018 4:16 pm

When a dog has its mind on going somewhere, it can often be tough to convince them otherwise. If your dog has a favorite park or they see their favorite playmate, they might just drag you over there whether you want to go or not!

Seeing eye dogs are highly trained to help blind people navigate to where they need to go, but apparently in some cases, they have their own motives.

A seeing-eye dog is being celebrated on Twitter for sneakily guiding his owner to a ‘dog gear’ store.

(Twitter/Michelle Sykora/Screenshot)

On April 19, 2018, Twitter user Michele Sykora posted a video of her sister Danielle’s guide dog leading her straight into a store at the mall called “Cool Dog Gear.”

“My sister’s guide dog always sneakily walks her into this store without her knowing,” she wrote as the caption. “I love dogs, man.”

Sykora, the girl’s sister, can be heard audibly laughing in the video.

The short clip quickly amassed more than 490,000 likes on Twitter and over 1,000 comments, many of which showed support for the sneaky pooch.

It seems Sykora wasn’t the only one to find it funny.

Other people also made comments about their own service dogs.

Following the video’s release, some were concerned that Danielle’s dog pushed her around all the time.

However, Sykora cleared the air by posting a picture of Danielle and the dog with the caption:

“He is mad loyal to her otherwise.”

Later, Danielle spoke to Scary Mommy, telling them she was surprised the video got so popular—since her dog “does silly things like that everyday.” She too wanted to clear up misconceptions.

“I want people to understand this is still him doing his job,” she said. “By definition guide dogs have to make decisions for themselves, so sometimes that results in dogs showing them something that they like. Its his way of saying, ‘Oh I like this let’s go look.’”

Since then, Danielle’s dog got an opportunity to get the cool gear he wanted! National Healthy CBD offered to send him free stuff from their Service Dog Headquarters.

There’s no word yet on whether she took them up on that offer but suffice it to say, after all this attention, the golden retriever is probably one happy boy.