Nobody wanted ‘weird’ grumpy dog left at shelter. Then couple did research, learned what it was

"Everyone thought he was sick"
December 8, 2017 5:04 pm Last Updated: December 8, 2017 5:04 pm

Toni Cusson and James O’Donnell took one look at this unusual puppy, and immediately fell in love.

But there was something not quite right about him.

“He was the one that nobody wanted, actually,” O’Donnell told The Dodo.

People thought the dog was weird, and maybe had some sort of illness.

So Cusson did some research. She thought the funny looking dog might’ve had albinism, but she quickly learned that it was leucism—which is just partial loss of pigmentation. It wasn’t life-threatening at all.

“Everyone thought he was sick, but he’s not,” Cusson told The Dodo.

With that, the couple welcomed Mister Cornelius into their home.

And once they did, they realized so much about the dog. Though he has a strikingly grumpy face, Cusson says that’s just one side of him.

“He’s not always grumpy, I just have a good eye for catching him when he’s grumpy,” Cusson said.

But he is often grumpy around other dogs—he’s not a fan.

The one dog he does like is Bowie, the couple’s other pug.

Besides that, he’s also enthusiastic about taking baths, adores anything orange.

“He’s obsessed with taking baths,” Cusson told The Dodo. “If we go to anyone’s house he’ll find their bath, sit in it, and be like ‘Can you turn it on? Let’s go.'”

Out for a run 🎃

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The couple actually hadn’t even wanted a second dog before they adopted Mister Cornelius—but one look at their hearts, and they were sold.

“From then on he’s been turning heads and melting hearts with that face,” Cusson said.