Group of 5 veterans had attended every single Super Bowl until 2017. Then they broke their streak

"It's something all guys dream about and we did it"
February 8, 2018 2:53 pm Last Updated: February 8, 2018 2:53 pm

The first-ever Super Bowl game was played in 1967. Given the popularity of the National Football League, there are millions of people that would love to go to a Super Bowl.

And among the past 52 Super Bowls, there has been a group of people that has made it their mission to attend every single one.

A group of five friends has been to every Super Bowl, from 1967 up until 2017.

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The group claims it started naturally — the fun they had attending the first Super Bowl prompted them to go to the next one, and so on.

The friends, who also all happen to be veterans, had initially met through business connections in the 60s, and spent $10 a ticket on the first Super Bowl. Since then, nothing stopped the five of them from attending the big game every single year.

The group’s “founder” Al Schragis coined the group, “The Super Bowl Five.”

And how can they afford to go every year? Schragis’ family used to own a popular country club in Miami, where many NFL officials golfed — the officials have been sending the group discounted tickets for years.

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“It’s something all guys dream about and we did it,” member Sylvan Schefler told New York Post.

As the years went on, Schragis created memorabilia for the group such as jackets with the groups’ name, and even going as far as having their own Super Bowl rings and a horse named “Super Bowl Five” who has since passed.

They have a rule: none of their wives can come, as they see every game as a male bonding session.

The friends have remained Giants fans to this day, and most likely rejoiced the two times in the last decade where their team won the Super Bowl.

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Sadly, Schragis died the night before this year’s game.

Despite the tragic news, the four buddies, ranging in age from 79 to 84, still went to the game in honor of their friend.

“He’s here in spirit, and we loved him,” one of them told Inside Edition.

For the men’s friendship to last well over 50 years is something incredible, and it doesn’t look like anything will deter them at this point from going to next year’s game as well.