Groom snowed in thought his wedding was off—that’s until he learns who was on their way

March 10, 2018 4:30 pm Last Updated: March 10, 2018 4:31 pm

When a couple plans on getting married, they of course wouldn’t miss it for the world. Yet, when outside elements interfere, they can throw these life-changing events into limbo.

Mike Enright was set to marry Gina Metcalf on March 1st, but he never expected to be snowed in.

The 31-year-old bride and groom had planned to marry at the Lincoln Hotel, but a terrible storm had left blankets of snow all around the UK.

“I got up and had breakfast and the roads looked fairly clear,” Enright told Lincolnshire Live. “We set off at about 10am, and we got to the top hill outside Horncastle, and the snow was drifting. We turned back and I thought there was no chance of us getting there.”

The groom, his parents, and best man Ben Yarnell were all stranded in Horncastle!

“It was emotional,” said Metcalf. “I woke up at 9am thinking the wedding was all off… I was standing here wondering if Mike would ever get here—it was awful.”

(Pexels/Irina Kostenich)

To make matters worse, 20 out of the 70 invited guests were also unable to attend the wedding. Metcalf had to call everyone who was invited to make sure they were safe.

The wedding was left with no cake, no flowers, and not enough food. By all accounts, it seemed like it was doomed!

Fortunately, the groom’s father William Enright made a call on the radio for a traffic update—a call that would change everything.

The community banded together to save the wedding.

Soon the stranded wedding party received a call back on the radio informing them that a local car dealership would be sending two 4×4 vehicles their way.

“It was a huge relief when they arrived”, said Metcalf. “The last thing I heard was that they were stuck in snow and they were not sure they would make it.”

Not only did the groom and his family show up, but a group of farmers had agreed to bring flowers to the hotel. The cake made it too, thanks to an appeal by BBC Radio Lincolnshire.


Those aren’t the only people worth thanking, though. The hotel staff worked extremely hard to ensure that the couple’s big day went as smoothly as possible.

“Thank you so much for everything people did for us. You are really good people who made it happen,” said Metcalf.

Now that the couple is officially married, they plan on enjoying their honeymoon in a very warm location.


Hopefully they have fun on their honeymoon in the Dominican Republic and don’t have to contend with any storms while they’re out there!