Green puppy born in a litter of nine golden retrievers

July 18, 2017 10:01 am Last Updated: September 30, 2017 9:46 am

A lot of animals are green. Various types of frogs, lizards, fish, insects, and birds can be green. Yet it is not a color we heavily associate with mammals. That said, impossible things are happening every day, as a green puppy was recently born, and it is not the first time.

How exactly does a puppy turn green?

A golden retriever named Rio gave birth to a litter of nine puppies last week, but to the surprise of her owner, Louise Sutherland, one of the puppies was green.

While rare, green puppies have happened before, but there are only three known previously recorded cases. It possibly occurs more often in the wild. Earlier this year, another green puppy was born to a Chocolate Labrador retriever, and was given the name Fifi.

It is caused by a bile pigment known as biliverdin, that comes from the mother dog’s placenta. The substance then stains the puppy’s coat while mixing with the mother’s amniotic fluid.

‘We couldn’t believe it.’

“The first pup was stuck, so myself and my daughter Claire managed to free him and pull him out safely,” explained Sutherland.

“It was all hands on deck but then as the puppies started to arrive, we noticed that one of the puppies had green fur. We couldn’t believe it.”

“When we checked it out later we found out it is very unusual and to do with the placenta. The color has faded quite a bit already and will be gone soon, I’m told. We’ve named him Forest.”

Sometimes, it’s easy being green…

“Rio had a total of seven boys and one girl and they are all great and growing like mushrooms.”

“This is her second litter but the first was much more normal–a five-hour labor and five pups, two girls and three boys. But this will be her last,” Sutherland told Mirror.

Forest will be staying with Sutherland, but his brothers and sisters have adopted into new homes. Sometimes, it’s easy being green, even if Forest isn’t going to be staying green forever. The color would wear off as his coat grows out.

Here is a video of another green puppy, Fifi!