Great white shark jumps into 73-year-old fisherman’s boat

May 30, 2017 10:18 pm Last Updated: May 30, 2017 10:18 pm

A 73-year-old fisherman received the fright of his life when a great white shark suddenly leaped out of the water and into his small fishing boat.

Terry Selwood was in his boat off the coast of Evans Head, Australia on Saturday, May 27, in an area he had been visiting for the last 50 years with no unusual incidents. He said the water was calm, and there was no warning when the 7-foot-long shark breached fully out of the water and landed directly into his boat.

“I just caught a blur coming in the corner of me eye … and this thing hit me in the forearm, spun me ’round, and knocked me off me feet,” Selwood said, according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Selwood’s boat is only 15 feet long, and the 440-pound shark began thrashing around in the boat, injuring the man.

The skin of a great white shark is very rough and sharp, and Selwood’s arm was cut and bleeding, but fortunately he was not bitten by the animal.

The man was able to climb up and out of reach of the thrashing shark and call for help from the local coast guard, Marine Rescue NSW. These photos were taken by the rescuers and posted on Facebook.

Selwood said his rescuers didn’t quite believe him until they saw the shark in the boat themselves, reported NBC News.

“Oh my God, look at that! There’s a shark in your boat!” they said, according to Selwood.

Selwood was then transferred to Lismore Base Hospital, where they treated his wounds with a few stitches.

Marine Rescue NSW then recovered Selwood’s boat and towed it back to shore, with the great white shark still in it. The body of the shark will be used for research by the NSW Department of Primary Industries.

Lucky for Selwood, he only has a sore arm, but also an incredible story to tell for years!