Grateful son rewards mom with epic vacation after she spent 20 years working abroad

June 20, 2017 1:42 pm Last Updated: November 4, 2017 4:25 pm


Parents sacrifice so much for their kids, and this young man’s mother from the Philippines is no exception. Teresita Alcanzare worked every day for 20 years as a foreign maid in Hong Kong to save up money for her seven children in the Philippines.

On June 10, when Teresita “graduated” from her job, in the words of her son Hans Alcanzare, she didn’t expect to be whisked from the Hong Kong airport off to a fully paid tour of southeast Asia.

It was one of her dreams to someday travel around Asia.

Her son kept everyone updated through social media by snapping pics in every country the two stopped in. The total trip span seven countries: Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Macau, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Malaysia.

The children say that their mother will not have to work another day in her life as they have been saving up money and putting it away so that Teresita will have enough for a monthly allowance when she’s back home in the Philippines.

“We are so blessed to have a mom like you who didn’t give up on us,” Hans wrote on his Facebook page.

But it’s been tough on the family until this point.

Domestic workers in Hong Kong, even though they are able to make more than they would at home, are only given one week paid leave per year. Hans recalled on his Facebook profile that he felt angry the day his mother left for work, when he was only six years old. He was the youngest of seven.

While living in Hong Kong, Teresita saved up all the money for her kids to go to school.

She doesn’t even remember the last time she bought something for herself.

Hans Alcanzare is now an urban planner and civil engineer. His siblings were also granted the chance to study in college and follow their dream vocations.

“You already have produced an certified public accountant, a licensed teacher, a registered nurse, a pharmacist and midwife, a civil engineer and registered master plumber, and soon to have an information technologist,” Hans wrote as part of a tribute to his mom.

“Happiness is seeing your mother smile!”

His posts created a social media storm and everyone praised Hans for being a responsible and grateful son.

“Everyone here is proud of you. You are indeed a good son. Your mum is lucky to have you as her son too,” one Facebook user wrote on Hans’ post.

You can follow their journey on Hans’ Facebook page.