Grandma passed away a year ago and grandpa whispered something. A year later, granddaughter says what happens isn’t a ‘coincidence’

September 16, 2017 7:50 pm Last Updated: October 20, 2017 4:51 pm

Cayce Lucca’s grandma passed away on September 9, 2016. Her grandpa, heartbroken, was by her side until the very end.

After she passed, he leaned down and kissed her on the forehead, and then said these words.

“I have always been true to you for 70 years. There has never been anyone else for me and there never will be, you are my sweetheart and I will be lost without you. I loved you all of those years. I will be with you before very long. You are my only one.”

Lucca, touched to the core, made note of her grandpa’s heartfelt farewell.


But then, one year exactly from that day, her grandpa passed away.

Lucca and her mother immediately knew—“he was waiting for my grandma to come and take him home to God.”

Her grandpa had been paralyzed in his last days of life and unable to commute—but they had a feeling he was waiting for this very day.

“Can you believe that my Grandma and Grandpa passed away on the same exact day? That is true love. Not coincidence, and if you say it is coincidence you are mistaken.”

“These things are out of the ordinary,” Lucca wrote. “September 9th will be a day my family never forgets. They really did pull some Notebook stuff.”

Lucca added that what her grandpa said to her grandma that day she passed, “I know he said them again as soon as he got to Heaven this morning.”

“One year. One long year away from each other. They are finally at peace and together again. Rest in peace Grandpa. I’m so happy you are no longer heartbroken.”