Goodwill employee finds almost $40,000 in purse—‘I thought I was being pranked’

"I thought I was being pranked."
November 14, 2017 8:49 am Last Updated: November 14, 2017 8:49 am

Kindell Keyes is a Goodwill employee at a location in Long Island, NY. In August, Keyes was just doing her job, sorting shopping bags full of donations, when she came across a considerably heavy purse.

While picking it up to inspect it, “I just thought of it like, wouldn’t it be funny if there was money in this purse?” Keyes told Goodwill NJNY.

Turns out her prediction was right: The purse contained $39,000.

(Goodwill NYNJ / Screenshot)

In a weird scenario, her sort-of prediction came true as she opened the purse to see envelopes upon envelopes filled with bills that added up to $39,000.

“I honestly thought I was being pranked,” Keyes said.

Most people would think they were being pranked if $40,000 just appeared right in front of them, but there it was in front of Keyes. Instead of taking some for herself and not telling anyone, Keyes knew what she had to do.

She showed the money to the rest of her coworkers, who were astounded by the discovery as well.

The envelopes were full of bills that ranged from $1 bills to $100 bills. Goodwill didn’t know what to do with it until they found an address on one of the envelopes.

A representative of Goodwill, Maria, went to the address only to find out from a neighbor that the person who lived there had recently died. The lady who had lived at the address did, however, have a grandson, and they were able to get in touch with him.

(Goodwill NYNJ / Screenshot)

The grandson, Bryan, said that the bag had become lost as the family sorted through his 101-year-old grandmother’s possessions after she passed, and it was accidentally donated to Goodwill.

“My grandmother grew up in the Depression so she kind of hid things around the house,” Bryan said.

For her honest act, Keyes was rewarded by Goodwill with 10 percent of the recovered money: $3,900

(Goodwill NYNJ/ Screenshot)

The CEO of Goodwill in the New York area, Katy Gaul-Stigge organized a special event to recognize Keyes’s honesty.

“I was just so proud, it embodies the values of Goodwill,” Gaul-Stigge said about Keyes. And according to Gaul-Stigge, Keyes didn’t even want a reward for finding the money.

“I would hope someone would do the same for me,” Keyes said.

Keyes just thought she was doing the right thing, and that in itself should be the standard for all workers, especially for those working for Goodwill.

“I was shocked. I was actually very grateful that there’s people in this world that are honest and it humbles me,” Bryan said about getting the bag back.

It’s nice to see that one of Goodwill’s employee’s is living up to the name. Watch the heartwarming recognition event below: