Colorado business’ security footage goes viral after unusual break-in is caught on camera

July 18, 2017 11:26 am Last Updated: October 17, 2017 1:40 pm


Usually when someone says you have to see it to believe it you roll your eyes, but this time we really mean it. You seriously have to see this to believe it.

On Monday morning, the general manager of Argonics Inc. in Louisville, Colorado arrived at his job like every other day. Except when he walked up to the front door and realized something was amiss. Both of the front doors had been smashed.

“[I] instantly thought it was vandals of some sort,” Greg Cappeart, an employee of the business told Fox 8.

After observing some of the damage, employees called the police.

(Source: Screenshot/Fox 8)

Once the police arrived they started taking photos of the damage. The next obvious step was to check the office’s security footage. Employees and the police hoped the camera caught the suspect or suspects responsible for the break-in.

Luckily the security camera did catch something, but it wasn’t anything that anyone could have predicted.

“For like 20 minutes he sat and banged on the front door,” Cappeart told The Daily Camera about the footage that he and his co-workers reviewed.

The employees were shocked when they looked over security footage from the day before.

The footage showed a goat ramming its head into the business’ front door for at least 20 minutes and eventually the glass shattered everywhere.

“At first they [the police] thought (the general manager) said ghosts did it, and they thought he was a crazy person,” Cappeart said.


(Source: YouTube/Argonics Inc.)

Once the first pane of glass fell to the ground the suspect fled and if you look closely you can see his accomplices run off as well. But it doesn’t take long for the perpetrator to come back for another round. In under a minute, the goat smashes the second glass door, observes the damage he’s caused. and makes a run for it.

After they realized who the suspects were, police told Fox 8, “This is a first for us.”

According to police, the suspect and his cohorts are still at large and the police don’t have any leads as to who they are or where they came from. Although it’s very unlikely any charges will be filed.

One thing is for sure, Argonics Inc. will have to make an interesting call to their insurance company.