Girlfriend left bright red by the over the top way boyfriend picks her up from college

June 30, 2018 12:22 pm Last Updated: June 30, 2018 12:22 pm

Every guy has tried to pick up girls the old-fashioned way by doing things like acting cool or having a sweet ride.

But one guy knows that the real way to a woman’s heart is to do the total opposite: be completely embarrassing and show up in the most ridiculous car imaginable.

At least that’s what works for Zach Doell, 23, a recent graduate from the University of Louisiana in Lafayette. He’s been with his girlfriend, 21-year-old Brianna Garcia since New Year’s Eve. Since she’s also a student at UL, he picks her up from class.

Whenever pulls up on campus, he finds a new way to joke with his girlfriend.

“I love to see her laugh and make her smile,” Doell told The Daily Advertiser. “So I would just beep the horn excessively and yell her name.”


Doell’s obnoxious entrances always crack Garcia up—even if the more introverted junior is a bit embarrassed by her boyfriend.

“It was funny at first,” Garcia said. “But it kind of became embarrassing because all my friends would get out of class at the same time as me and see it too.”

Though the crowd just made Doell want to do it more—and soon the couple turned their game into a hilarious Snapchat account.


“People kept begging me to keep doing it and posting the videos,” Doell said. “They told me they looked forward to it every day.”

With an audience watching, Doell stepped up his game—honking the horn wouldn’t cut it. He started planning his entrances with elaborate themes.

Like a pizza delivery:


An ice cream truck:


The Batmobile (complete with Batman’s cowl and gravely voice):


Garcia has very patiently put up with her boyfriend’s antics, but said that her favorite stunt was when he showed up in a sombrero and did an accent, an homage to “her Spanish background.”

“When he yelled, ‘El Papi is here,’ I died,” Garcia said.

But for Doell, there is one stunt that blew them all out of the water—something so perfectly ridiculous that it could never be topped:

The Oscar Mayer Weinermobile.


How did he possibly swing that? Well, fate intervened and the opportunity presented itself.

Doell was preparing for a different theme, but happened to see the Weinermobile in a parking lot.

He asked the employees if he could use it to pick up his girlfriend, and remarkably they agreed to the plan.

“I thought it would be awesome, but that there was no way it would happen,” Doell said. “But then I thought, ‘If I don’t act now, I’ll regret it.'” Always take chances in life, people.


He fully committed to the bit, showing up dressed as a hot dog.

“Everybody loved it,” she said. “It was embarrassing, but I loved it too.”

His only regret was that it was so perfect he could never top his gesture.

“I will never be able to top the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile,” Doell told the Daily Advertiser. “I don’t know if I should retire because there’s no way I can top it, but then again, I graduate in May so I only have this week of school left.”


However, Garcia got her revenge.

After a semester of dealing with her boyfriend’s stunts, she made her own grand entrance to pick him up.

She teamed up with radio station Hot 107.9, and surprised Doell in the station’s van.

“We actually went go pick him up in the radio van and laid on the horn,” Garcia said. “That was my revenge on him. He had no idea it was happening.”

“I was so impressed with her,” Doell said. “That was the last thing I expected.”

Doell graduated with a degree in dietetics this May. Garcia will be a senior next year, studying nursing.

So maybe the pick-up pranks will subside now that they won’t be in school together (perhaps that’s for the best—seriously, nothing’s gonna top Weinermobile) but it seems like these two will still have plenty of laughs together.


Watch the video below: