Doctors were forced to amputate her limbs after a nearly fatal case of meningitis, now this little girl is taking her first steps

September 1, 2017 12:45 pm Last Updated: September 1, 2017 12:45 pm


Every parent becomes overjoyed when their child takes their first step, and for Freya Hall it was no different. However, she had an even bigger reason to be excited—her daughter lost all her limbs to meningitis two years ago.

When Hall’s daughter Harmonie-Rose Allen was only 11 months old she woke up in the middle of the night with a bad coughing fit and was unable to breathe. Freya and Harmonie’s father, Ross, took their child to the hospital where she was evaluated and sent home. Over the next few days Harmonie would be brought to different hospitals, each time with a different symptom.

Freya and Ross were eventually told their daughter had a rare strain of meningitis, and doctors gave her only a 10 percent chance of survival. As a result of the disease, Harmonie contracted septicaemia. Doctors warned her parents that her limbs may have to be amputated.

Harmonie was born a healthy baby, but at 11 months old she contracted meningitis.

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But Harmonie made it through everything despite the grim outlook, although it was a rough road.

Doctors had to amputate all of Harmonie’s limbs and she also lost the tip of her nose, which meant a long recovery for the little girl. She was fitted with prosthetics, and Harmonie spent many months working hard to gain her balance and learn how to walk.

As a quadruple amputee Harmonie had to relearn how to do almost everything.

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Oftentimes physical therapy was difficult for the little girl, but with the love and encouragement from her family, Harmonie was soon able to walk with her prosthetics using an aide.

Despite all of the difficulties that lied ahead, Harmonie tackled every challenge thrown at her.

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Freya realized that the prosthetics Harmonie received from the NHS, National Health Service in England, weren’t going to last long. Plus, Harmonie had already expressed her displeasure with them.

So, Freya and Ross used some of the money they raised from a fundraiser they set up in Harmonie’s name to purchase custom prosthetics.

Harmonie’s custom prosthetics cost nearly $13,000.

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Freya wrote in a video she shared on a Facebook page set up for Harmonie that it had only been two weeks since Harmonie received her new prosthetics when she took her first unassisted steps on August 26.

You can hear in this video how excited Freya was to see her daughter take her first steps.

According to Mirror, Harmonie asked her mom if her new prosthetics could be decorated with unicorns and rainbows because “they are magic and will help me walk.”

“She has done it!! Our princess has done it!! Just this morning!!” Freya wrote on Facebook. “She has walked on her brand new pair of legs!”

Since enduring 10 surgeries and countless procedures, the now three-year-old little girl is thriving and, all things considered, doing well.

“She is like a normal toddler,” Freya told Barcroft TV. “She likes to sing, she likes to paint pictures, she loves to play with her toys. She loves everything really. She is just really happy and gets on with it.”

Harmonie continues to grow and live her life as any normal toddler would.

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Although Harmonie has dealt well with the loss of her limbs, Freya said that after her daughter started nursery school, she began to ask questions.

“One day she said to me, ‘Mummy where are my hands?’ I said, ‘You don’t need hands, you can do everything without them,'” Freya said. “Now Harmonie introduces herself like, ‘Hi, I am Harmonie no hands.'”

We can’t wait to see what challenge this brave girl will tackle next!

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