Man tries to abduct toddler, but 12-year-old girl jumps into action to save her

July 29, 2017 3:12 pm Last Updated: October 20, 2017 6:43 pm

When Benjamin Spasogevich-Lee moved into the Kenosha, Wisconsin neighborhood, everyone noticed something was strange.

Neighbors said the 27-year-old man told everyone his name was Elijah, and he would come outside to do yoga in his underwear, and he even tried to talk to children and bring up topics like kidnapping, according to TMJ4.

But no one expected their child to be taken, especially not in broad daylight.

One day, 4-year-old Caylee was outside with other neighborhood kids nearby, when Spasogevich-Lee came over, grabbed her, and took off.

One of the younger kids yelled, “Jada, Eli has Caylee!” And immediately, 12-year-old Jada Miller jumped into action, while 13-year-old Trinity Stout ran for Caylee’s parents, who were indoors.

Jada chased down the abductor, who had dragged the child away by the wrist.

“I just ran after Caylee, because I didn’t know what could have happened next if I wouldn’t have ran down there,” Miller said. She felt like if she had stopped to ask for help, it might have been too late for Caylee.

Jada caught up to Spasogevich-Lee, grabbed Caylee away from him, and refused to let him take her. She told the little girl, “Come on Caylee, we’re going home.”

The 27-year-old backed off, and Caylee, not understanding the situation, said she would be back.

“Then I looked at him and said, ‘No she won’t,'” Jada said.

Jeff Carr, Caylee’s father, immediately called the police.

“He’s just really creepy,” Carr said. But “I never thought he would do something like that.”

The man was arrested and detained, while Jada was hailed as a hero.

“Right now, with him in jail, the whole neighborhood feels so much better with him gone,” Carr said.