11-year-old gives brutal girl scout cookie reviews and gets overwhelming surprise response

"I have a letter that simply must be shared with you right away." 
October 19, 2017 5:20 pm Last Updated: December 2, 2017 2:12 pm

Of the 1.8 million girl scouts across America, none are more faithful to the Girl Scout Law than one 11-year-old girl from South Orange, New Jersey.

Sixth grader Charlotte McCourt was determined to abide by the girl scout law holding honesty as policy—even when it came to selling girl scout cookies, and yes, even if that meant being brutally honest.

So when her dad gave her a lead on a potential client—a “very rich” high school friend of his—Charlotte wrote him a letter holding “honest and fair” as her standard.

She tells her potential client like it is in a charmingly truthful email.

In the hilarious email that’s since gone viral, Charlotte ruthlessly rates the famous cookies on a scale of 1 to 10.

“I feel it is important to be honest because you have to get your buyers’ trust,” she said.

As Charlotte went down the list of the Girl Scouts more popular cookies, she called the Savannah Smiles “divine,” the Samoas “amazing,” and the Thin Mints “delectable.” Finally, when she got to the Do-si-dos, the 11-year-old admitted that she was not a fan.

Charlotte gave the peanut butter sandwich 5 for its “unoriginal bland flavor.”

But she saved the most brutal introduction for the toffee-tastic. “Last and yes, least is toffee-tastic. It is a bleak, flavorless gluten-free wasteland. It is as flavorless as dirt. I give it a 1.”

Charlotte said she and her sister tried everything to enjoy the cookie but ended up throwing the box away as it was simply impossible to eat.

“My sister and I threw out the box—like we tried everything, we tried dunking it in tea, we tried dunking it in hot chocolate and it’s just gross.”

None of the cookies received a 10, because “the real 10,” according to Charlotte, “is donating a box,” to support the troops overseas.

The 11-year-old said her goal was to sell 300 boxes—because that’s how many she sold last year—and ended her letter with “please buy soon.”

“The Girl Scout’s Association can sometimes use false advertisement,” she wrote at the end of her letter and went on to warn Mr. Mendelson that he may disagree with her reviews. “These are all only my opinion.”

It seems counterintuitive to try to make a sale by calling your products “bland” and “bleak,” so it was no surprise when she didn’t sell 300 boxes.

But in a world full of false advertisement and fake news, the ruthless reviews were ironically a breath of fresh air to many.

She called her products gross—so it came as no surprise when she didn’t sell 300.

But Mr. Mendelson wasn’t the only one who read her email.

Charlotte’s dad, who works on Mike Rowe’s podcast, discovered the email in his sent folder on his computer just one hour after he suggested his daughter reach out to his “rich” high school friend, Mr. Mendelson—and then he sent it to Rowe.

In a video that’s been viewed over 10 million times, Rowe reads Charlotte’s letter aloud mid laughter and says, “I have a letter that simply must be shared with you right away.”

Mike Rowe loved the hilarious letter.

Charlotte has since sold the most cookie boxes ever in Girl Scout history, with a total of 23,219 on February 17 2017. It was no surprise though that only one of those boxes was, you guessed it, toffee-tastic. She sold it to her grandmother before Charlotte even wrote the email.

The 6th grade student credits her success to “truth in advertising.”

“Because if you’re not honest then what are you?” Charlotte added, “I love being honest with my clients.”

Her clients love it too.

Watch the hilarious story below!