Girl puts in unusual special request in her Domino’s order and the delivery man totally delivers

She's made this "special request" multiple times but this is the first time anyone has agreed to do it
July 16, 2018 9:27 am Last Updated: July 16, 2018 4:11 pm

Pizza lovers all like something specific on their pizza. Ask anyone what they like on theirs, and you’ll most likely get a different answer every time. They might even put in a “special request” for it when they order.

In Liz Bruner’s case, she is someone who just wanted to be sung to.

The 17-year-old girl from Texas is a fan of Domino’s Pizza, and lately, she has wanted her orders from there to come with something extra.

(Twitter / mmbbLiZ)

Anyone that has ordered food directly from the Domino’s website knows of the “special request” option.

Usually, this option would be reserved for something unorthodox that isn’t on the menu otherwise.

Technically, what Bruner wanted fell into the “special request” category.

Recently, the special request she has put into her orders involves the Domino’s delivery person knocking three times on her door and then serenading her once she answers the door.

It seems like a long shot, and according to her, Bruner has made the request on numerous occasions, to no avail.

But in June 2018, her wish finally came true.

(Screenshot via Twitter/mmbbLiZ)

In a video taken by Bruner, we see the Domino’s delivery man, Austin Arnada, sing to Bruner on her doorstep with her pizza in hand.

Maroon 5’s “She Will Be Loved” is his song choice, and it’s one that he sings with confidence.

Bruner and her friend were more than happy to be serenaded.

(Screenshot via YouTube/Inside Edition)

“It’s such a heartwarming and sweet video to see an employee going the extra mile for the customer,” Bruner told KSAT.

Bruner posted the video of the performance to her Twitter account, and the caption ended with a shout-out to her favorite pizza place.

“I LOVE @dominos,” she said.

The post has been viewed over 13,000 times on Twitter and was retweeted by Domino’s official Twitter account.

Bruner was even told by her mother that she should’ve tipped the man better, so she went out of her way to find his Domino’s restaurant, just to tip Arnada an extra $20.

It just goes to show that going the extra mile pays off.

But this tip also meant that the doorstep performance wouldn’t be the last time Arnada would sing to the girl.

“Although I was the one to sing to her, her genuine happiness and joy was the greatest gift she gave me that day,” Arnada told KSAT.

Arnada seems like he’s dedicated to this job, as he showed no fear in singing to two complete strangers.

He’ll probably receive more requests to do this, now that he’s gone viral.

Arnada and Bruner are now good friends, which means that there could be more delivery performances in the future.