Student picks up litter on way to school, but what community members say about her—it’s appalling

January 22, 2018 2:22 pm Last Updated: January 22, 2018 4:00 pm

It takes very little effort to properly throw out your trash and yet there are still people who toss an empty container on the ground or let a wrapper fly away in the breeze only to land who knows where.

This out of sight, out of mind way of thinking is harmful to our environment and at least one little girl in Norwich, England, wants to do something about it.

Unfortunately, her good deed has been met with some harsh words from her classmates.

Nadia Sparkes noticed trash on her way to school and wanted to do something about it.

Her trash-collecting began when she started school this past September. On her way to and from school she would come across large quantities of discarded garbage and decided to pick it up.

“I find quite a lot and it’s quite disgusting,” the 12-year-old told the BBC.

Nadia was disgusted by the amount of garbage she encountered.

While Nadia was busy cleaning up after those too careless to properly dispose of their trash, members of her community began to take notice. But not in a positive way.

“She has worked really hard collecting loads of litter,” her mother, Paula Sparkes, told the BBC. “And it was when she was part way through collecting it all that she started getting all this negative attention by people, who were actually throwing things at her and calling her ‘Trash Girl.'”

Although she was helping her community, her community mocked her for it.

Despite being called Trash Girl, Nadia continued to pick up litter. She’s even come to embrace the rude nickname.

“It sounds just like a superhero!” she exclaimed.

Her mother agrees with her daughter’s way of handling her bullies, insisting that “Trash Girl rocks!”

Hopefully, more people will see how important a superhero like Trash Girl is and pick up after themselves and others.