Woman throws baseball to man, but when he misses it—this is incredibly awkward

"What the heck ... was that?"
June 12, 2018 4:36 pm Last Updated: June 12, 2018 4:36 pm

Picture this. Everything is set in place. You thought of the most perfect way to reveal your baby’s gender. While in front of Wrigley Field you plan on telling your partner, family, and whoever happens to be passing by whether you’re having a boy or a girl.

You get ready for the big moment and then all of a sudden … you don’t know if you should cry or laugh.

Nowadays many couples reveal the gender of their baby in a grandiose way.

Recently, Jeffrey Habjan was walking to Wrigley Field in Chicago when he noticed a commotion on the sidewalk. He stopped to film and he was glad he did.

Habjan saw a woman and a man getting ready for their big moment.

(Jeffrey Habjan/Screenshot)

The woman tossed the ball to the man,

(Jeffrey Habjan/GIF)

But the ball was a little too high.

(Jeffrey Habjan/Screenshot)

The man in the video attempted to catch the ball, which was filled with either blue or pink powder, rather than hit it with the bat.

As everyone watched the poor man try his best to save the ball from splattering on the ground and ruining the big gender reveal, the ball—you guessed it—fell to the ground and left behind a cloud of blue powder.

Surprise! They’re having a boy!

(Jeffrey Habjan/Screenshot)

“What the heck … was that?”

This gender reveal could easily go either way. It’s either the worst of all time or the best. We’ll let you decide.