Store employees aid panicked mother after her son is rushed inside shop during a seizure

One of the store employees knew exactly what to do---she has a seizure disorder.
July 10, 2018 2:05 pm Last Updated: July 10, 2018 2:05 pm

Whether you call it coincidence, karma, or crazy good luck, being in the right place at the right time is not something you can predict. It just happens.

For Alexandria Thieme, a mother of a 15-month-old son who suddenly experienced a seizure, a pit stop at a seemingly random gas station potentially saved her son’s life.

Towards the end of June 2018, Thieme, who lives in Independence, Missouri, decided to go to the lake to escape the heat.

“We were trying to have a good day at the beach, go to the lake and have some fun,” she told WDAF-TV. “It was way too hot to stay at home.”

Thieme attempted to escape the heat with her son by taking a trip to the beach. (Pixabay)

Thieme was heading home with her son Xavier and her friend Austin when her toddler became crabby. She noticed Xavier’s temperature started to rise, so she stopped to buy a cold drink at Casey’s General Store in Smithville, Missouri.

Austin stayed in the air-conditioned car with Xavier while Thieme ran inside to make a purchase.

Alexandria Thieme (R) speaks with WDAF-TV on June 29, 2018. (Screenshot via WDAF-TV)

But before Thieme returned to her car, Austin rushed inside Casey’s holding Xavier.

The little boy was having a seizure.

“He was shaking. He wouldn’t look at me. He couldn’t talk to me. It was the scariest moment of my life,” Thieme said.

Xavier suffered a seizure after a day in the sun, which doctors believe could have begun as a virus. (Screenshot via WDAF-TV)

Luckily for Xavier, his mother stopped at the right gas station at the right time.

“It was my mommy instincts. I just pictured, God forbid, it was one of my kids or just any human being, you need to jump in and do what you can when you can,” Erica Jones, a Casey’s employee who helped Xavier, told WDAF-TV.

Jones’ coworker, Taylor Swangurim, also helped.

Oddly enough, Swangurim has a seizure disorder and knew exactly what to do.

Security footage from Casey’s General Store shows customers and store employees helping Thieme and her son, Xavier, who is lying on the ground. (Screenshot via WDAF-TV)

The two women laid the boy on his side and applied a cold washcloth and ice pack in order to help lower his temperature.

The seizure stopped shortly after the store employees intervened.

Thieme called Jones and Swangurim “heroic” for their quick-thinking actions that potentially saved her son’s life, but Jones didn’t see herself as a hero.

“I wouldn’t call myself a hero, just an ordinary person that would hope that, God forbid, me or my child or any human being were in the same situation, someone would come to our rescue and help us,” she said.

Erica Jones was one of the two store employees who immediately rushed to help Xavier. (Screenshot via WDAF-TV)

Xavier was transported to a hospital where doctors told Thieme it was possible the 15-month-old boy had a virus, which caused the fever, and the combination of the fever and being out in the sun could have led to the seizure.

One day after the scary event unfolded inside Casey’s General Store, Swangurim suffered a seizure herself. She went to the hospital, but was later released and at the time of the report was recovering at home.