Woman asks gas station clerk one thing—She responds by grabbing her & locking her in the office

"She had black marks on her hand and her arm"
January 31, 2018 5:46 pm Last Updated: February 2, 2018 7:31 am

A gas station clerk in Missouri recently had an eventful day at work and it ended with her being called a hero.

Thanks to her quick-thinking she potentially saved a woman’s life.

Miles away from the gas station a 42-year-old woman had been forced into a vehicle.

The situation began several miles away from a BP gas station when the unidentified woman met with Russell Deshields to retrieve personal property. At the time she reportedly had a restraining order against him.

According to the Franklin County deputies, Deshields allegedly forced a 42-year-old woman into a vehicle. He took her keys and broke her cell phone, leaving her no way to escape.

Somehow the woman convinced her kidnapper to drive to a gas station.

The clerk, who did not want to be identified, recalled how a woman walked into her store and inquired about cigarettes.

“He was very close to her. You could not even get a hand between them,” she told KMOV. “I noticed it and watched them through the whole thing.”

When the woman asked the clerk about cigarettes she whispered something to the clerk.

“Help me,” the clerk recalled the woman saying.

While at the gas station, the woman sought help from the clerk in the store.

After hearing the woman say the man she was with was going to kill her, the clerk knew she had to get the woman to safety.

The clerk rushed the woman into the back office and locked the door. While in the office the woman shared that the man forced her into a car and then threatened to drive the vehicle off of a bridge.

“You can tell it was true because she had black marks on her hand and her arm,” the clerk said.

The clerk rushed the woman into a back office for her safety.

After making sure the kidnapping victim was safe, the clerk walked back into the store just as Deshields ran out of the store.

The following day deputies were alerted to Deshields’ location and arrested him for kidnapping.