Humane association creates Paw & Order episode, helps dog at shelter find his forever home

August 4, 2017 2:41 pm Last Updated: August 4, 2017 2:41 pm


It’s something you’d expect to see on a police procedural, not on a humane association’s Instagram. Fox Valley Human Association (FVHA) recently opened an “investigation” when they discovered one of their residents’ stuffed companion was brutally attacked.

On July 8th the humane association shared an adorable photo of a chocolate Lab named Hank and his stuffed purple hippo. The post was playful in nature and received a number of likes and comments.

But days later, things took a dramatic turn when the shelter posted a chilling update on their Instagram: the hippo had been attacked.

“Dr. Laura is currently performing life-saving surgery to repair the near-decapitation,” they wrote on Instagram.

Who attacked Hank’s best friend? Was it Hank?

Reportedly Hank refused to speak on the matter.

The shelter continued to update its followers by posting photos over the following days. Hank’s friend the Fuzzy Purple Hippo appeared to be in rough shape, but FVHA assured everyone she was steadily improving. She even saw a therapist to discuss her relationship with Hank.

Although it was all fictional, the shelter made sure to include information for those in abusive relationships or suffering from PTSD, two very real issues.

Not only did Hank have a lawyer, who advised him to plead the fifth, FVHA brought in a police officer and the police department’s therapy dog in training to assist with the investigation.

The K9 officer was quick to point out all of the evidence against Hank.

After reviewing all of the evidence and interviewing Hank, the chief of police exonerated Hank. Turns out Hank had actually tried to save his hippo friend and was not at fault for her near decapitation. You can read all about the police’s findings on the humane association’s Facebook page.

Once Hank was cleared of all charges, FVHA happily announced Hank and his purple hippo were released into the custody of their new forever home.

Case closed. Dun dun.

(Source: Facebook/Fox Valley Humane Association)

Deb Lewis, the executive director at FVHA, told NBC 26 that the shelter wanted to raise awareness in a fun way. Throughout the saga the shelter received numerous calls inquiring about adoptions, and one of them was for Hank and his friend.

You can see the rest of the hilarious photos on FVHA’s Instagram.