Foster-father dog carries his puppies around in carrier on his back!

June 7, 2017 7:49 pm Last Updated: June 7, 2017 7:49 pm

In the animal kingdom, we often learn (sometimes the hard way) that parents can be extremely tough when they want to protect their babies.

But this loving dog is not even related to these puppies, and he’s still willing to carry the little foster pups on his back in little compartment bags just to protect them. Just to be clear, this dog willingly turned himself into a bus just to indulge his foster children. I’ve heard of piggy-back rides, but that’s usually just one at a time!

They’re not heavy…they’re my puppies!

This big dog wouldn’t let anything come near his foster-puppies!

Back off, camera man!

According to the The Nest, dogs usually carry their babies by the scruff of their necks. “The scruff is the loose skin behind the puppies’ heads. Most often, you’ll see the mother dog grab the loose skin at the back of her puppy’s neck in her front teeth. The puppy will dangle from her mouth as she carries him from one location to another. It isn’t uncommon or dangerous, however, for a mother dog to put a very young puppy’s entire head in her mouth for transport.”

Since this foster father wanted, or possibly needed, to carry two puppies at once, that was probably not an option. Plus, these puppies look very comfortable in their little pouches. They could probably ride in there for hours!