“Good Girl” has the most adorable resume you’ve ever seen — it’s no wonder she got the job

August 28, 2017 3:21 pm Last Updated: August 28, 2017 3:21 pm


If you’ve ever applied for a job then you know the importance of a resume. With your accomplishments and skills, your resume should tell your potential employer that you’re the right candidate for the job. And yes, you should tailor your resume to the specific job you’re applying for, just like this candidate.

For such a young prospective employee, Mowgli has an extensive resume and we can only imagine references to match. You see, Mowgli is applying for a different type of job, one that you probably wouldn’t find any on job boards. The almost five-year-old German Shepherd and Rwandan street dog mix is applying to become “Your Future Best Friend.”

When Mowgli’s foster family couldn’t keep her anymore her owner started to look for another home for her.

(Facebook/Kelsey Finnegan)

When Mowgli was four weeks old, Kelsey Finnegan adopted her while she was working at a non-profit in Rwanda.

According to Finnegan and as evidenced by Mowgli’s resume, Mowgli lived a happy life while the two were together in Rwanda. While living a life as the “village celebrity/good girl,” Mowgli was responsible for teaching the children in the village how to play “dog soccer” and even managed to increase belly rubs by 30 percent. Impressive!

Finnegan came up with the idea for a resume as a joke.

(Twitter/Megan Frantz)

In 2016 Finnegan was set to move back to the United States to attend graduate school at Columbia University. She took Mowgli with her, but found it extremely difficult to give her the attention she needed.

“I realized I didn’t have the finances or time to give Mowgli a good life while I was studying in NYC, and I couldn’t find a dog friendly apartment, so that’s why she was living with my parents [in California] and then moved to stay with one of my close friends in Santa Barbara,” Finnegan told Mashable.

Reportedly Mowgli’s reasoning for leaving her job as a “Professional Couch Potato” at Finnegan’s parents’ house in Pleasanton, California was due to “irreconcilable differences” with the family cat.

Mowgli had to move from her foster home, so Finnegan wanted to make sure her next move was her last.

(Twitter/Megan Frantz)

Finnegan drafted the resume as a joke, in order to get a friend’s husband to accept Mowgli into his life. Mowgli needed to leave her foster home because Finnegan’s friend, who was taking care of Mowgli, was set to attend school and couldn’t watch the “good girl.”

Finnegan’s friend, Megan, heard about Mowgli’s resume and got her boyfriend, Scott, to help out with some of the key words and phrases, which we all know is very important in a resume.

Even though Mowgli didn’t need much help selling herself, Scott added in a number of doggo memes that surely helped her cause. Now, Mowgli is living her best life as a California girl.

Mowgli’s resume was a hit and she landed the job.

10/10! Who wouldn’t hire Mowgli for any job?