Forced to choose between clothes and new booster seats, one woman is blessed with an act of kindness, and then pays it forward

September 20, 2017 1:27 pm Last Updated: September 20, 2017 1:27 pm

On a recent trip to Walmart in Meadville, Pennsylvania, Heather Harris didn’t have enough money.

She realized she would come up short if she were to purchase both clothes for her boyfriend’s daughters and new booster seats. For those of us who’ve been there, it’s not a fun position to be in, but it was decision time.

Going Through Some Tough Times

Harris discreetly brought the kids away from earshot of other customers. She apologized and explained her situation. “I can either get the booster seats this week or some new clothes but I can’t afford both and I’m sorry,” Harris explained in an interview with Yahoo. “But I promise next weekend I will get whatever else you need and want.”

The woman had been going through some tough times. Not only had her home been robbed, but she also had some extra expenses due to health issues.

The girls politely returned the booster seats to the store shelves and began carefully choosing their new clothes. That’s when things started looking up.

Blessed By A Kind Man

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About 15 minutes later, as the shoppers were searching for clothes, a man walked up to them and presented them a bag. Inside were the two booster seats they could not afford. The seats had been paid for by the very kind and generous man.

“He told me that he heard the sadness in my voice when I told the kids I couldn’t afford both this week. And then he told me God bless and gave me a hug.” Harris wrote later in a Facebook post. “I was so shocked at the time that I didn’t get his name right away and a picture of him.”

She was determined to find this man after being in shock for a short time at the gesture of good will. She began to search all throughout Walmart to find him. She wanted to get his name, give him a hug again, and take a photo with him.

Meet Matthew

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She did finally find the man, Matthew Aguilar, in the store and did all of the above.

“When you think there is nothing left to feel good about, this happens, Harris said. “Just remember there are good people in this world, so never lose your faith.”

Aguilar himself would soon learn that he was getting laid off the following week from his job as a youth pastor, raising concerns of his own financial stability. He had two one-year-old babies of his own to care for. Aguilar told Yahoo that, regardless of whether he was losing his job or not, he was more than happy to help the family.

Paying It Forward

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“The kids were amazing. They were told to put the booster seats away, and they weren’t angry or upset about it,” said Aguilar. “They already had working booster seats, they just wanted new ones.”

“They were happy to just get their clothes. I wanted to do it for them too just because of their reaction.”

Aguilar had empathy for the Harris family, admittedly because of his own situation.

“I’ve been there,” he said. “My wife and I, we’ve been blessed by a lot of people in our lives so I try to help out whenever I see the opportunity.”

And for a little icing on the humanitarian cake, Harris has now set up a Go Fund Me page for the Aguilar family. Kindness breeds kindness!


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