Five Types of Procrastinators

May 10, 2017 6:43 pm Last Updated: May 10, 2017 6:43 pm

Here are some types of procrastinators to varying degrees. It’s possible you have a mix of two or encompass all of them.

1. The Computer Addict

This type of person keeps extending his or her’s computer time, putting sleep into the back row seat while making some lame excuse, like ‘Just 10 more minutes won’t kill me…’. However, when tomorrow arises, not only will it affect the Computer Addict’s mood, it also increase the chance of stress and sleep disorders.


2. The Scaredy-Cat

It’s hard to get out of the comfort zone, the place where everything is peaceful and orderly. Jogging in the morning simply won’t happen if you keep telling yourself “I will do it tomorrow” everyday. Break free of the shackles that stop you from trying new things.


3. The Slacker

The most common type of procrastinators, this group avoids difficulties and hard work whenever necessary. Whatever requires effort, count them out. These types will usually get nowhere in life.


4.  The Horoscope Believer

With that Astrology expert telling you that the moon is in Sagittarius, so there may be more procrastination than production, you use that as an excuse to fade away from work and leave it for another day.


5. The Winner aka. Incubator

As the most special kind of procrastinator, this individual works on things at the last minute, but the difference is they produce great results under pressure. Having such a gift, many of this kind are able to focus and engage themselves at the final moments and even surprise themselves with their spectacular work after they finish. The problem is, they become so reliant on their gift for last minute, that everything gets left to the last minute.