Fitness blogger urges women to stop focusing on their flaws and practice self-love

August 3, 2017 11:20 am Last Updated: August 3, 2017 11:20 am


When you see a picture of someone, particularly someone in a bathing suit or workout clothes, what do you notice about them? Perhaps you admire how they look or notice their choice of clothing. Now what happens when you look at a photo of yourself in the same situation? Do you suddenly go from admiration to self-doubt? If you do, you’re certainly not alone.

Louise Aubery, a student and fitness Instagrammer, recently posted a side by side photo that perfectly illustrates what happens when we look at a photo of ourselves and what happens when we look at a photo of someone else.

“I created this post because I feel social media platforms are not quite what they could be and should be – i.e a tool to promote empowerment,” Aubery told Metro.

Many of her Instagram posts promote self-love

In the photo Aubery compares what others see when she posts photos and what she sees when she posts photos of herself. Rather than admire her natural beauty like her long legs or her smile, she sees what’s “wrong” with the photo.

“Whenever I see a picture of me, the first things which catches my eyes are my flaws,” she wrote on Instagram.

Unrealistic photos can fuel lack of self confidence

Aubery admitted that this way of thinking is something she struggles with and wrote that when she views other people’s photos, the flaws don’t come to mind. In her post she questioned why women so often point out their flaws rather than praise what they love about themselves.

In an interview with Metro, the influencer remarked that while there are plenty of body-positive social media influencers out there, users are still viewing large amounts of heavily edited photos on their feeds. And its these types of photos which create a false image that some strive to achieve.

“I think that being encouraged to be so self-conscious, we tend to see in others what we don’t have (the physical assets they have that we don’t),” she said.

She’s working on her self-confidence and encourages others to follow

Many people agreed with Aubery on Instagram, leaving comments to encourage her and tell her and others that it’s important for women to be their ‘number one fan’ and although it can be a long journey, it’s important that women are happy with all aspects of themselves.

Aubery admitted her way of thinking is toxic and she wants to change it and hopes others will follow.

I personally think the mind is what can help us most. We underestimate our ability to send it signals and influence our behaviour. It can’t happen in one day and it all comes down to practice: waking up telling you three things you are grateful for today, stating one thing you like about yourself every time you caught yourself despising something, and actually talking about it with like minded people and engage with positive influencers on Instagram.