Fishing with a drone

May 11, 2017 6:50 pm Last Updated: May 11, 2017 6:50 pm

With this stroke of genius you can probably just sell your boat, that is if you only use it for fishing, because you won’t need it anymore. What you need are some friends and a drone.

 If you miss the latter, you can easily go to a place called the internet and buy one with a few clicks. Tipp: go for a bigger one …

The only thing to do is, get all the equipment you’d normally take fishing, minus the boat. Then go to the beach, loosely attach the bait with a decent fishing line to the drone and a classic rod.

Start the drone and watch for a school of fish with the on-board camera, and luckily the bigger the fish, the easier they are to find. But with bigger fish you may need a bigger drone as well.

Lowering the drone until the bait touches the water will attract the fish, and once you have a bite you should be able to return the drone to the shore. Therefore you needed to loosely attach the bait on the drone.

If you failed at that part, you’d hopefully have a powerful battery in the drone…

The rest is business as usual, reel in the fish and have a good meal, and on top of this you get these beautiful images, that’s definitely a big plus.