Firefighters ingeniously use cherry picker to save bird who escaped house and flew up a tree

The owner was extremely worried because a storm was fast approaching
July 12, 2018 6:00 pm Last Updated: July 12, 2018 6:00 pm

Many people love their pets like they are members of the family. They share a unique bond, and when their fuzzy or feathered loved ones are in trouble, they worry.

Green Bay, Wisconsin, resident Mike Czyz, and his pet macaw Cece have lived together for a while now. You can imagine his distress on July 4, when saving her was a race against time.

Czyz’s macaw escaped her home and flew into a tree near his house.

(CBS17/ Screenshot)

Cece managed to escape her home, taking shelter in a tree in front of their house. The bird was high up in the treetop, and there was no way Czyz would be able to reach her on his own.

Unsure of what else to do, he frantically called the fire department.

The animal was perched on a branch up in the tree for about an hour. Fortunately she hadn’t flown away, but getting her down without spooking her would be a challenge.

Even with the fire department’s help, Czyz wouldn’t feel at ease until Cece was safely back in his home.

The urgency of the rescue was exacerbated by a storm that was on its way. The clouds were grey, and in addition to the Fourth of July fireworks that would likely scare Cece off, rain appeared ready to cut loose any minute.

The fire department quickly assessed the situation, and set a plan into motion to get Cece out of the tree.

The fire department used its cherry picker to reach Cece at the top of the tree.

(CBS17/ Screenshot)

Green Bay police directed traffic, while the fire department took care of the rescue operation. They invited Czyz into the cherry picker with them, and began their ascent to the bird.

Because Cece was familiar with Czyz, the firefighters figured she was less likely to take off if he was the one who tried to pluck her from the tree. They were right, and  he was able to grab her and pull her into his arms without much trouble.

The rescue itself took only a matter of minutes, but the tension and worry Czyz felt was probably enough to last a lifetime.

“It felt good to know that they were willing to help someone in need, I told them a thousand times I can’t express how much I want to thank them for this,” Czyz said to WNCN.

The rescue came just in time before a rainstorm.

The storm that appeared to be brewing all day finally let loose following Cece’s rescue. No more than five minutes after getting the bird safely on the ground, the downpour began.

The bird owner was endlessly thankful to the responders who treated his emergency seriously. Cece is important to Czyz, and the fire department didn’t take his concern lightly.