Man flies drone over flooded neighborhood and finds Twitter user’s trapped twin-brother

What are the chances?!
June 29, 2018 6:14 pm Last Updated: June 29, 2018 6:14 pm

Following a natural disaster, one of the first things we do is survey the damage. Most often it’s done by foot or by vehicle, but in areas that have become hard to reach drones may be used.

When Hurricane Matthew hit North Carolina and left many neighborhoods unreachable due to flooding, Quavas Hart had the perfect idea of how to help, he would use his drone to search for people.

Despite not spotting anyone in need of help, Hart shared the heartbreaking footage on Twitter. A random user responded to his tweet and asked for help, Hart didn’t know if the person was telling the truth or a troll.

In October 2016, Hurricane Matthew brought flooding, high winds, and storm surge to North Carolina.

Once Hurricane Matthew moved past North Carolina, Quavas Hart, a filmmaker and drone operator, used his drone to capture footage of some of the hardest hit neighborhoods.

“If there’s a life out there, I’ve got to do what I can do to help save them,” Hart told WTVD in 2016.

Hart flew his drone over a neighborhood in Hope Mills, North Carolina.

As Hart flew his drone around Hope Mills, he spotted a neighborhood that had been completely submerged. Only the very tops of many homes were visible above the flooding.

While flying his drone over the devastation, Hart never spotted anyone in need of help, but the images he captured were so dramatic, he decided to post them online.

One of the photos, resonated with one Twitter user.

(Crypto Quavo/Screenshot)

Although the images were, in a sense, unremarkable to Hart, they caught the eye of a random Twitter user.

Craig Williams, who lives in Texas, was talking with his twin brother, Chris Williams, who was trapped in his home in Hope Mills with his elderly dog Lana.

Craig saw Hart’s photo on Twitter and joked with his brother, “Hey, at least you’re not this guy.”

Except that Chris was that guy.

Craig quickly sent a message to Hart on Twitter.

When Hart saw the message from Craig he thought it was a joke.

“I thought it was someone trolling–it’s Twitter, it’s worldwide. … I’m paying this guy no mind,” Hart told The Two-Way.

After a brief conversation, Hart realized Craig was telling the truth, and his twin-brother was trapped, inside one of those houses.

Hart used his drone to help rescue Chris and Lana.

(Crypto Quavo/Screenshot)

While the storm-battered North Carolina, Chris’ home started to flood, forcing him and Lana up to the highest point in his home.

“My dog was terrified,” he told WTVD. “I was cold and wet and basically I knew everything in my house was destroyed.”

Chris thought about jumping out his window into the water but decided against it when he saw the current and knew that his dog, who couldn’t swim, would probably go one way and he’d go the other.

So, he decided to wait it out.

Hart was able to direct a FEMA rescue boat towards Chris’ home.

Hart sent out his drone a second time and while surveying the area near Chris’ home, he spotted a FEMA rescue boat. He used his drone to direct the rescuers in Chris’ direction.

Chris and Lana made it out of their home alive.

(Crypto Quavo/Screenshot)

“It’s just so wicked crazy amazing, humbling, I don’t know how to explain it,” Hart told The Two-Way after he helped rescue Chris.