Fiancée was in excruciating pain—but what he tells emergency operator—’Oh no’

March 4, 2018 1:37 pm Last Updated: March 6, 2018 6:28 am

The holiday season abounds with opportunities to dine on festive favorites. With so many opportunities to gather with family and friends around a meal, it’s common to pack on a few pounds during the winter.

Rhiannon Oldham couldn’t help but notice she’d added a few extra ticks on the scale. She chalked it up to the festivities and didn’t give it much thought.

“Just before Christmas I had what I thought was heartburn but I just took a Rennie and got on with it,” Oldham said. “I’d put on weight over Christmas too but I just put it down to overindulging.”

Being recently engaged, the 30-year-old had other things to worry about.

Welsh couple Rhiannon Oldham and Gareth Williams got engaged on Valentine’s Day after a 9-year romance.

Two days later, Oldham started to feel unwell. Then she started experiencing intense abdominal pain.

Her fiancé, 34-year-old Gareth Williams, became worried and called the emergency services to request an ambulance to their home.

“On the Friday, Rhiannon had been complaining of stomach pain but we dismissed it and just kept an eye on it,” he told the Wales Ambulance Service.

“By the early hours of Saturday morning she was in agony and I had to carry her from the bathroom to the bedroom and that’s when I could see that something strange was happening.”

While on the phone with the emergency operator, he said a “big lump” was coming out of her.

It looked as if she was giving birth, but he was sure she wasn’t pregnant.

“No, she isn’t pregnant, no,” Williams said in the emergency call recording. “Oh no, she’s actually giving birth.”

(Welsh Ambulance Service)

Moments after Williams assured the call operator that his fiancée wasn’t with child, he realized she’d given birth to their 4 pound, 13 oz baby boy.

“The alarm bells started to ring for me when Gareth said that Rhiannon had a large lump and before we knew it she had actually given birth,” Chelsie Holbrook, the call center operator who took the call, said in a statement.

The first responders arrived shortly after and a noticeably pale Williams met them at the door. Baby Philip was in perfect health, while mother and father were in shock.

“It’s fair to say they were a little shellshocked but we set about making the necessary checks and then Gareth cut the cord,” paramedic Paul Ockenden said.

“It was a huge shock because we had absolutely no idea that she was pregnant but we’re over the moon,” Williams said.

(Welsh Ambulance Service)

They couple now have a wedding to plan, as well as a newborn’s room to decorate.

The entire family is now home from the hospital and doing well. They have nothing but praise for the paramedics that responded to their emergency call.

“The ambulance service were absolutely marvelous, we can’t thank them enough,” Rhiannon said.

To listen to the emergency call, click here.