Father’s deep love for daughters is honored at restaurant. See what they did!

April 18, 2017 10:42 am Last Updated: April 18, 2017 10:42 am

A viral story of a father’s selfless devotion for his two daughters in the Philippines has gotten an overwhelming response from the community; and the family soon got an amazing surprise they would never forget!

A few weeks ago, we covered a deeply touching story of a father and his two little girls in the Philippines, a story which soon went viral on social media. A photo showed a father, Tatay Ryan, with his two daughters inside a fried chicken fast food outlet, celebrating one of the girl’s school graduations. Unable to afford his own meal at Jollibee outlet, Ryan sat and watched lovingly as his two daughters enjoyed their dinner.

This story was soon posted on social media; and many netizens took notice of, and were touched by Ryan’s selfless devotion. They also expressed sympathy for the family’s difficult situation. Jollibee also became interested in this touching story, and wanted to give the family a big surprise they would never forget.

Tatay Ryan’s two girls were thrown a surprise birthday and graduation party at Jollibee.

Credits: ©Facebook | Jollibee

The whole family enjoys cake as they celebrate joyfully.

Credits: ©Facebook | Jollibee

Jollibee decided to throw a surprise birthday and graduation party for the two daughters Rose Ann, and Rose Mae. On March 28, they had a big celebration at one of the Jollibee locations, where the girls got toys and birthday cakes; the whole family got a free meal on the house (of course); and they all enjoyed live entertainment.

Jollibee also partnered up with Robinson Supermarket to provide several carts full of free groceries for the family.

The whole family enjoyed a meal at Jollibee on the house!

Credits: ©Facebook | Jollibee

 Ryan and his two girls pose together, gifts in hand, with Jollibee for a group photo.

Credits: ©Facebook | Jollibee

A while back, Ryan had been abandoned by his wife after he suffered a stroke and was unable to work. Later, he began to tend a small food cart—earning very little—in order to take care of his two girls all by himself. They lived together in a small shack made of sheet metal and ply wood.

His story soon got major social media attention, and many people expressed their wish to help the family.

Robinson Supermarket partnered with Jollibee, and provided the Ryan family with free groceries.

Credits: ©Facebook | Jollibee

It was a touching moment for the father, as he watched his two girls joyfully receive their presents. He gave a tearful thank you to the good folks at Jollibee. A few days later, the fried chicken outlet posted photos of the party on Facebook, and many netizens heaped praise on Tatay for his selfless devotion, and offered well-wishes for the whole family.

Tatay Ryan offered his heart-felt thanks to the people at Jollibee.

Credits: ©Facebook | Jollibee

What a wonderful occasion for two beautiful girls, who are lucky to have such a loving father!

Credits: ©Facebook | Jollibee