Family with sick boy forced to move but instead end up homeless—then they hear of one special thing

“My last straw was somebody kept taking things from our garage"
January 19, 2018 11:52 am Last Updated: January 19, 2018 11:52 am

The Ka‘auwai family from Hawaii recently found themselves in a pretty rough spot, without a permanent home.

Dalgene Ka‘auwai and her husband have always placed the interests of their 5-year-old grandson, Malachi Ka’auwai, at the top of their priorities—since his parents were no longer in the picture.

So after Dalgene’s husband was laid off from his construction job, the couple decided to leave their rented home. Their neighborhood had become an increasingly unsafe environment to raise Malachi.

“My last straw was somebody kept taking things from our garage,” Dalgene explained to Honolulu Magazine.

The Ka‘auwai family had no idea where they were going to live.

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Fortunately, Dalgene had her job as a cashier, but their financial situation was not looking good. Malachi had been dealing with a breathing condition and was in need of constant attention, and the trio were forced to use their saved money to pay for a decent hotel room.

“Malachi has asthma, so we started staying in hotel rooms so we could set up his machine,” Dalgene explained.

While things looked bleak, the family then found out about a program that just might have been their final option.

They found out about a new village that was created just for struggling families.

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The Ka‘auwai family got in touch with Family Promise of Hawaii, an organization that targets families with children who experience homelessness.

The organization let the family know of an exciting opportunity: a new village was opening up, made up of refurbished houses that were once used by Japanese earthquake victims.

The Ka’auwai family quickly signed up to join the program, hoping they would be one of the lucky families allowed to move into the village. From there it was only a matter of waiting.

Earlier this year, the Ka’auwai finally moved into their new home.

The village was christened as Kahauiki Village and has much more affordable rent than average prices in the area. The Ka’auwai family happily took up residence along with 30 other families, and they’re finally getting their lives back to a normal routine.

Dalgene was especially moved that everything worked out—and grateful for the organization that helped them.

“The way I see it is there are people still out there that show what Hawaii and aloha are all about. There are people still out there who care,” Dalgene said.

With their homelessness no longer an issue, the Ka’auwai family are glad to have such a stressful time in their lives behind them. Now they can focus on just being a family together.

Learn more about Kahauiki Village below: