Family poses for photo—but instead of saying ‘cheese’. Daughter blindsides them with announcement

January 20, 2018 10:39 am Last Updated: January 20, 2018 10:39 am

When families get together for the holidays, most make sure to get plenty of photos together—but none were quite like this.

Tanya Carlson, from Chicago, visited her family in Tucson, Arizona, for Christmas last year. But she wasn’t just there to celebrate—she was also ready to break some exciting news.

At one point in the evening, the family were posing for photos. Tanya offered to be the photographer for one group shot, which included her mother, Hope.

(Caters Clips/Screenshot)

But after Tanya counted down to take the photo, she didn’t say “cheese.”

She said something that left her mother stunned:

“One, two, three, I’m pregnant!”

(Caters Clips/Screenshot)

It’s not entirely clear who in the room was in on the secret—but Hope, the soon-to-be-grandma, definitely was not.

The surprise left her so shocked that she didn’t know if her daughter was lying or not.

“Wait, what? No you’re not. Are you? No you’re not!”

(Caters Clips/Screenshot)

Tanya was already 14 weeks pregnant. It turns out, Hope actually called the pregnancy before anybody, even her own daughter. She heard her symptoms months ago and predicted she was pregnant.

“I told you you were pregnant two months ago, didn’t I?” Hope asks her daughter.

But despite sensing it before anybody else, Hope still can’t process the news.

“Is she kidding?! Please tell me the truth, tell me the truth!”

But then Tanya brings out the proof—a recording of her baby’s heartbeat.

(Caters Clips/Screenshot)

Tanya plays the heartbeat for her family, and her mother—at last full certain that her daughter is, in fact, pregnant—is speechless. She breaks down and hugs Tanya.

It was a perfect reaction—one family photo that definitely didn’t need a retake.

Watch the hilarious video below: