Family of 6 lives in one RV, and their minimal lifestyle is actually unbelievably cozy

August 6, 2017 10:58 am Last Updated: October 28, 2017 10:46 am

Heather and Jordan Harger define themselves as a “crazy and ordinary radical family of six.”

On the one hand, they are an ordinary family with four children and a home filled with homework and hobbies. On the other hand, they all live in a single RV now that they’ve left their suburban home near Disney World to become Christian missionaries in South Africa.

The couple runs a blog,, where they document their everyday lives and their journey to bring love and justice to those who are voiceless, powerless, and forgotten.

It was quite a big change to switch from a standard suburban home to a space smaller than 300 square feet—not only does the family live in the RV, but all four children (two boys and two girls, ages 4 to 11) are homeschooled! This meant adapting to a very minimalist lifestyle, and acquiring lots of dual-purpose furniture.

Outside the RV is a porch: here they keep a few chairs and a picnic table for meals, crafts, and homework time.

The 3-bedroom RV has been completely redecorated by the Hargers.

“I just tried to make it fun and lively,” Heather said.

The family room is where all the homeschooling materials are kept. “I’m having fun being a minimalist with all that,” she said.

Next to that is the “creative corner,” with a cozy window-side bench and floor pillows on the side, that they use as the homeschool area.

And—get this—you can seat a total of seven people here (with the seats that pull out of the bench), which is perfect if they have company over.

Heather’s oldest son Sy has severe food allergies (Eosinophilic Esophagitis), so there’s a special storage space for his nutritional therapy needs.

The pantry, fridge, oven, stove, and double sink tuck neatly into a small kitchen beside it.

“Side note: I actually don’t cook on the stove!” Heather said. “That’s another little trick that we do that I’ll tell you about in another video…” She does, however, walk us through the different gadgets and seating around the small counter area.

They also have a microwave, but guess what’s in it?

“We don’t use this [microwave] because of Sy’s therapy, but also to be as green as possible,” Heather said. Instead, she uses the space as storage for cookbooks and therapy material.

Then there are the bedrooms: the girls’ room, the boys’ room, and the master bedroom. The kids rooms aren’t renovated yet, but each has bunk beds and storage that tucks into the walls.

And the master bedroom can actually fit a king size bed (although they have a queen sized one).

“There’s really tons of storage in here,” Heather said.

Here is Heather Harger giving a “sneak-peek” tour of the family RV:

If this has totally inspired you to make more of your small spaces, she has another video all about storing toys and clothes (a creative necessity if you have small children!):

The RV videos have since gone viral, and a few months ago Heather gave an update about where the family is now.

“A lot of people live in an RV for fun, a lot of people we’ve met have a goal in mind, and for us it was to simplify and save money so we could actually move overseas,” Heather said.

The family spent 18 months living in that RV. “I think in a lot of ways it really prepped up for what life was going to be like in South Africa,” she said. Because they are on a volunteer visa, they cannot earn an income.

That said, Heather still gets tons of questions about RV living and is happy to answer them.

“If you have this dream, even if it’s wild and crazy, just go out there and do it,” she said. “You live life once, it’s an adventure.”

“You don’t want to be ridiculous and irresponsible, but I say this just to encourage you not to feel trapped in your life right now.”

Heather was a teacher, coach, and administrator; and Jordan was a firefighter and paramedic.

The area of South Africa they have moved to has not really had outside help before. “We’re just here to walk alongside them,” she said.

Jordon oversees the local health and hygiene department and does checkups and hosts wellness days.

Heather works on two greenhouses, one of which feeds the children in preschool, and helps bring gardens to people’s own homes.

Watch the video below to learn more about the initiatives happening: