Family hadn’t seen woman for ages but she showed up after 40th Bday—jaws drop at what she’s holding

The reactions ranged from stunned silence to unintelligible shrieks
December 4, 2017 12:02 pm Last Updated: December 4, 2017 5:30 pm

When most couples get pregnant, one or both of them may announce the news to family and friends with big fanfare. There are generally two reasons for doing that: The first one has to do with the fact that babies are exciting news that’s just too hard to keep to yourself, and the other has to do with knowing how much help family can be, especially with a newborn baby.

Imagine getting through pregnancy without a small army of family and friends or Grandma’s secret pregnancy potions. It’s not that hard to hide a pregnancy—especially if you only get to see family once in a while because of distance and various other reasons.

In a YouTube video published on Jul 26, 2016, Georgia Lowrance shares her own story and a couple of other videos from women who had come home with one of the biggest surprises anyone could have—a brand new baby who seemingly miraculously appeared out of nowhere.

Being nearly 40, the pregnancy was a surprise even to her—so no one expected that when she kept her distance, she would visit them the next year with this bundle of joy in her arms.

“Whose baby?!” her mom yells, stopping in the doorway seeing that Georgia was already surrounded by flabbergasted family members.

But once she’d gotten over her shock, she was nearly in tears with joy, reaching out to hold her grandson.

“I didn’t tell my family about the pregnancy and kept it a secret until I showed up at their house with him 4 weeks after he was born,” Georgia explained on YouTube.

The surprise and shock on everybody’s face is real.

But Georgia acknowledges that not all stories like this turn out with a happy conclusion. The first thing people ask is why would you hide a pregnancy? Sometimes the reason is an unhappy one like health complications, and sometimes it isn’t, but families feel hurt and left out after such a big reveal.

Luckily, it wasn’t the case with Georgia’s family.

“To note: my parents were happy and not upset about not knowing ahead of time,” Georgia added.

Watch the reactions below: